Automated Engineering

Creating variables can be an arduous task – performing the same steps and the same mouse clicks again and again can cause the engineer to lose concentration and errors to start creeping in. It also leaves hardly any time for more stimulating and challenging tasks, especially when resources are calculated with very little leeway. Can't these monotonous steps be outsourced?


  • Time and cost savings
  • Automating monotonous tasks
  • Prevents errors in project engineering


automated project engineering with zenon

If the same tasks need to be performed for lots of projects or in very large projects, it is worthwhile creating a wizard that will automate them. Achieve time savings and prevent errors – freeing you to create added value.



More time for the important things

zenon enables easy and secure automation of basic and recurring tasks. It replaces monotonous work, completing tasks quickly and reliably. zenon allows you to automate not only the creation of variables, but also the import of screens and formulas. This significantly reduces the risk of incorrect engineering. And project creators will see a noticeable increase in the time available to them for the more challenging and interesting tasks.



Automated engineering in zenon

zenon offers a wide range of options for automating project engineering. The wizards it includes perform a variety of standardized and recurring tasks relating to creating a project. The API interface of the zenon Engineering Studio means that it is also possible to access the Engineering Studio externally and create custom wizards. This enables you to generate sub-projects automatically, for example. zenon's openness allows every user to automate the processes they require and adapt them to specific projects. The Smart Objects can also be a way for you to set up projects even faster and more efficiently. One example of automated project creation is the zenon Automotive Generator (zag), which can be used to create recurring symbols and link variables automatically. It has applications mainly in the automotive industry.