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Sustainable use in the region: Thüga Energienetze GmbH


Company profile:

Energy moves the world, and Thüga Energienetze GmbH (THEN) is right in the middle of it. As a regionally oriented company, THEN looks after gas, electricity and heating networks for around 130 towns and municipalities in southern Germany. It operates, builds and expands and makes the supply infrastructure fit for climate-friendly, sustainable energy.


At the same time, THEN is a powerful partner for grid-related services and cooperations. The service portfolio ranges from consulting, grid control and fault management to complete operational management.


Solution and services:

As an ISMS-certified distribution grid and cross-connection control center operator, THEN is the point of contact for the zenon Energy Edition. Ongoing changes in the energy sector are essential challenges. With many years of experience and continuous further development, THEN's experts can also help you to overcome these challenges. It is possible to take over the further development and support of your zenon system. Initial implementation for your energy supply is also possible. In addition, THEN offers 24/7 services in the areas of fault acceptance, network monitoring and hosting solutions.


Industries served:

  • Energy sector - utilities, industry


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