zenon – the future-proof Alternative

zenon from COPA-DATA is the core system of the SICAM® 230 software. Switching from SICAM® 230 to zenon provides many financial and technological benefits.

Fast Facts

  • zenon is the future-proof alternative
  • zenon provides an ever-expanding scope of features
  • Switching from SICAM® 230 to zenon is easy and comes at minimum cost
  • Continue to use historical data such as alarms and archives

zenon - future-proof Alternative...

Fact Sheet

zenon - future-proof Alternative to SICAM 230

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Efficiency in engineering

zenon is the core system of SICAM® 230. That's why, when switching from SICAM® 230 to zenon, existing projects can largely continue to be used and maintained with minimal or no adaptation. SICAM® 230 uses the zenon engineering environment. Engineers familiar with the SICAM 230® engineering environment will be able to apply their knowledge directly in order to manage and create new zenon projects.


Minimize risks during the change to zenon

There are almost no technical risks when switching from SICAM 230® to zenon, as both products use the same database. zenon is the core system of SICAM® 230. As the same technology continues to be used, there are no financial risks: re-certification or re-testing of equipment is not necessary.

Furthermore, data archived by SICAM 230® is not lost. Existing archives, event lists or historical alarms can all be transferred without conversion. This ensures that your history is fully transparent, dating right back to the time of the SICAM® 230 installation.


A future-proof solution

The zenon software platform is continually developed by COPA-DATA. zenon users benefit from ongoing product maintenance, updated cyber security, functional upgrades and global support. This ensures your investment in zenon is secure over the long term.


Functional upgrade when switching to zenon

SICAM® 230 is based on zenon versions 7.20 or 8.00. Switching to newer zenon versions or the latest zenon version brings significant functional enhancements:

  1. Process Recorder for recording and subsequent playback of processes directly in the equipment screen
  2. Command Sequencer for automating command sequences, including graphical editor and teaching function (i.e. recording command operations in the single-line circuit diagram)
  3. GIS integration for the visualization of power progress and asset locations, including links to process information
  4. Efficient engineering through Smart Object technology
  5. Over 300 other improvements in functionality and usability


* SICAM® is a registered trademark of Siemens AG and/or its affiliated companies.