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Automate hydro-electric power plants with zenon

Keep your hydro-electric power plant under control

zenon Energy Edition from COPA-DATA can assist in hydro-electric power plant automation, by monitoring, controlling and optimizing hydro-electric power plants. The level of control it provides helps reduce plant operational costs and increases productivity.

The monitoring and control of hydro-electric power plants with their specific output data is a particular challenge. zenon offers SCADA functionalities that increases efficiency – from project configuration through to visualization and control, to reporting. You can use the system to control individual power plants or different plants in a higher-level system.


Combine process automation and energy generation

You will save time and aggravation as zenon communicates with components of the energy generation and distribution while providing connections to process automation components, all in one application. With our extensive in-house driver library, you can connect all subsections of a hydro-electric power plant in a system directly – without a gateway. The system supports command processing, including driver-specific functions such as "Select Before Operate". Additionally, zenon supports the display of hydraulic schematics that have been imported from AUTOCAD, for example, as well as the use of faceplates for motor and pumping controllers.


Scalable and versatile – from HMI to the control room

The zenon hydro-electric power plant software is highly scalable. The system can be used as a local human machine interface (HMI) for the components of a hydro-electric power station, such as turbines, generators and converters. Alternatively, you can use applications that have been created in the control room SCADA, without having to recreate the application from scratch. This allows the control of the plant components to function the same and avoid errors, from the plant floor to the control room. Because maintenance carried out in one location can be transferred to the others automatically, zenon is particularly easy to use for both operators and maintenance teams.


Efficient reporting chains in the event of an alarm or maintenance

In the event of problems in unmanned control rooms, zenon uses the Message Control module to inform the on-call staff by means of SMS, email or a text-to-speech call. If somebody cannot be reached, the system automatically informs the next person in the escalation chain. This reduces staffing costs and ensures rapid response in the event of problems.


For many reports, output in certain formats is necessary for further processing. For this reason, zenon outputs alarm lists in a generally readable format (.CSV) so that you can analyze data when you need to or can create reports in Excel or other applications.


Quick access to the archive for analyses and reports

Archiving is a core function of zenon. Alarms, events and measured values are recorded and are available for subsequent analysis, reports and trends. Archive data can be stored in the internal database, external databases or the cloud. Regardless of its location, all data is stored in a transparent manner, so the use can quickly access to it.


Play back past events with the process recorder

Understanding previous interruptions to your plant helps to prevent them from becoming recurring problems. Rather than searching through results and measured values in recorded lists, zenon’s built-in Process Recorder records and plays the past states of switchgear clearly in a process screen. Using the time bar, you can easily navigate to any point in time, which allows you to better analyze problems, deduce the time of faults and record affected areas.


From IEC 61850 to process simulation

The zenon Software Platform supports all common communication protocols in the energy industry, such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DNP3 and others. Additional functions include customizable visualizations, dynamic reporting, risk-free process simulations and much more.

To learn more about how to automate hydro-electric power plants with zenon, contact us today.


zenon – Use in HydroElectric Power Plants

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zenon – Use in HydroElectric Power Plants

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