Data Management with zenon

Data Management with zenon

Manufacturing and energy companies continuously generate large amounts of data from their devices, processes and people. As operations become digitalized and Internet of Things (IoT) devices become more central to production, the amount of incoming data is only growing, making managing that data increasingly difficult.


To make smarter decisions and remain competitive, your company needs to use data effectively. zenon is a software platform designed to help you turn your industrial data into valuable, actionable insights.


Why it’s important for facilities to improve data management

Data management involves collecting, processing, protecting and contextualizing all the information collected by your organization. In an industrial setting, much of the data you manage comes from sensors and machines within your infrastructure.


In today’s competitive marketplace, energy utilities and manufacturers rely on accurate, timely data to make business decisions, respond to problems and comply with regulations, which is why it’s important to get your data management systems under control.


Proper data management practices can help your organization in the following ways:

  • Organize and locate regular business data
  • Respond to events that require urgent attention
  • Optimize factory processes to reduce resource requirements
  • Improve product quality and consistency


If you’re struggling to manage incoming data from devices across your organization, you may want to consider an industrial automation software with built-in data management features, like zenon Software Platform.


How zenon improves data management

zenon from COPA-DATA helps your organization collect data from multiple sources and keep that data secure. It can even make that data more useful to people on the plant floor as well as in management. When you implement zenon in your facility, you can expect to benefit from:


  • Fast integration: zenon connects to a wide range of hardware, regardless of age or manufacturer, gathering data from across an organization into a single, convenient location. This hardware independence makes zenon fast and easy to integrate with existing architecture.
  • Reliable security mechanisms: Your data is your most valuable resource. zenon prevents unauthorized access or data loss with features like server redundancy, network encryption and role-based user administration.
  • Direct connection to ERP: To help you make the most of your data, zenon communicates with the enterprise resource planning system(ERP) such as SAP. This communication will allow you to incorporate business data with process data for a more complete overview of operations.
  • IEC 61131-3-compliant programming: zenon includes SCADA and PLC programming in one system, which will save you the time and effort of importing and exporting data. The programming system also conforms with IEC 61131-3, the section of the open international standard that relates to programmable logic controllers.


With these features, zenon makes data management simpler, and your company will gain the ability to make timely, data-backed decisions.



Contact us to learn more about data management with zenon

Today, data plays a key role in fueling the growth of a business — when it is properly utilized. If you leverage your company’s data, keep it secure and make it accessible for advanced analytics and reporting, you develop a competitive edge and make full use of the insights your industrial data has to offer. Whether you run a power plant or a manufacturing company, zenon Software Platform can solve the data management challenges you face.


As an independent software manufacturer, we at COPA-DATA have the unique ability to listen to our customers and develop customized solutions to their industrial automation needs. To learn more using zenon to improve data managing in your factory or plant, contact us online today.



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