Visualization and Control with zenon

Visualization and Control with zenon

Automation has given manufacturing and energy companies the opportunity to deliver high-quality products and services more efficiently while reducing overall operating costs. However, workers still need the ability to interact with automated systems and make reliable decisions based on the data they provide.


Without the right software to supervise industrial facilities and processes, a company may struggle to truly take advantage of the benefits automation brings. zenon from COPA-DATA is a software platform designed to solve common challenges with visualization and control, making production processes easier to understand and interfaces more user-friendly.


Why process visualization and control are important

Process visualization refers to the ability of an industrial automation software to generate graphical representations of the equipment, operations and conditions in a plant. A clear visual display simplifies process control for users and may offer opportunities for further automation of factors like energy consumption.


By making data easy to understand and bringing important processes under control, data visualization software can benefit manufacturing and energy companies in numerous ways. This can include improved production efficiency, increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and enhanced quality management. Therefore, it’s important to choose manufacturing visualization software with a user-friendly interface, like zenon. When everyone involved with a project — including application engineers, operators and decision makers— can comprehend and interact with the software, it’s possible to streamline many aspects of production.


How zenon improves process visualization and control

zenon from COPA-DATA comes with a variety of features aimed at improving process visualization and control to keep your operations productive and efficient. When you implement zenon, you’ll notice the difference as it:


  • Develops projects rapidly: Developing a project in the zenon Engineering Studio is made easy by our extensive library of pre-designed graphical elements and other visualization features out of the box. With all the tools easy to locate within the integrated platform, zenon allows engineers to rapidly create custom applications that help operators visualize projects and key figures.
  • Monitors and controls machines: The powerful HMIs zenon provides help monitor and control the function of machines and operations within facilities. Load Management for example, will enable you to visualize energy consumption trends. If the software forecasts load peaks that exceed a set limit, zenon recommends switching actions or takes action automatically, keeping energy costs low. With state-of-the-art HTML5 technology, you can access dashboards and process overviews remotely through your mobile devices.
  • Perform operational tasks with intuitive gestures: With zenon, you can create tailor-made HMIs, such as individual keyboards, filter dialogs and screens. Instead of navigating complex menu structures, you can use user-friendly scrollable toolbars, which mean fewer errors, reduced time and enhanced operating safety. zenon’s Multi-Touch functionality allows operators to simply use two fingers to zoom in and out on the touch screens, drag and drop screen elements and use other intuitive gestures.  
  • Improves access across your organization: zenon makes data accessible to people of all technical skill levels by making the plant status easy to understand and the interface easy to interact with, from horizontal machinery integration to vertical incorporation of production and management data. zenon also supports multiple languages and measuring units, so you can easily create projects for international use.



Contact COPA-DATA to learn more about improving process visualization with zenon

When your organization is able to visualize processes clearly and control systems easily, you can make faster, more informed decisions and take advantage of automation. zenon from COPA-DATA can help you optimize visibility into all aspects of your entire plant, from anywhere at any time.


To learn more about our software for industrial data visualization and control, contact us today.


  • Automatic Line Coloring (ALC)

    Automatic Line Coloring

    Topological coloring efficiently indicates how components are connected. zenon comes with an integrated and standardized option for applying automatic topological coloring.

  • HTML5 visualization with zenon

    HTML5 visualization with zenon

    Improve your access to important process data and information with HTML5 visualization in zenon.

  • International HMI/SCADA Projects with zenon | Ergonomics for the User

    International and ergonomic

    Ergonomics for the user [1/4] - Operators of machines and equipment benefit from individually adaptable, ergonomic applications.

  • Unique Graphic Possibilities for HMI/SCADA Projects | Ergonomics for the User

    Usability through graphics possibilities

    Ergonomics for the user [2/4] - Short training times thanks to intuitive operation, optimum reaction times and the highest possible level of security.

  • Ergonomics from Individual Adaptation | Ergonomics for the User

    Ergonomics from individual adaptation

    Ergonomics for the user [3/4] - Ergonomic operation of machines and equipment adapts flexibly to the requirements of the respective user.

  • Stay Informed with the HMI/SCADA Software zenon | Ergonomics for the User

    Full information for the user

    Ergonomics for the user [4/4] - Ergonomic operation also means being able to react quickly and correctly. Being optimally informed is the basis.

  • Bring Multi-Touch to HMI Touch Panels & SCADA Applications

    Multi-Touch Gestures with zenon

    Reach new level in usability and security of machine and plant control with Multi-Touch in HMI/SCADA.

  • Chronological Event List & Alarm Message List (CEL / Audit Trail)

    Alarms and Chronological Event List

    Ensuring high productivity and saving resources also requires errors and problems to be identified quickly and consistently.

  • Schedule exact and flexible production processes with Production & Facility Scheduler

    Production & Facility Scheduler (PFS)

    The PFS controls equipment and production processes precisely. For equipment with heavy consumption, considerable savings can be achieved.

  • Recipe Administration & the zenon Recipe Group Manager

    Recipe Administration

    For the control of complex facilities or production processes - for this zenon offers the capability to manage recipes.

  • Message Control & Project Configuration

    Message Control

    By reacting to messages and alarms quickly you can avoid expensive downtime and ensure that the effectiveness of equipment remains high.

  • zenon Load Management - Optimizing Energy Consumption

    zenon Load Management

    The zenon Load Management uses sophisticated energy trend calculations to optimize energy consumption. You can avoid load peaks effectively and reduce costs this way.

  • FDA 21 CFR PART 11 compatible HMI/SCADA Software zenon

    FDA 21 CFR PART 11

    zenon consistently meets the criteria of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 throughout all its modules. You can save up to 90% in validation costs for new projects.

  • What is SCADA? Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition | COPA-DATA

    What is SCADA?

    SCADA plays an integral role in industrial operations under Industry 4.0. With a SCADA based on zenon, you can improve operational insights, control processes and make data-driven decisions.

  • What is HMI? Human-Machine-Interface | COPA-DATA

    What is HMI?

    Industrial control systems continue to advance. With an HMI based on zenon, you can easily communicate with machines and obtain operational data from across your equipment and facilities.

  • Customized HMIs in the smart factory

    Customized HMIs

    Customized HMIs offer ergonomics for machine operators in smart factories.