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zenon as Network Control System

Manage your supply networks within one integrated platform

zenon Energy Edition from COPA-DATA offers energy distribution management software solutions for the monitoring and optimization of supply networks, such as medium voltage electrical grids, water and wastewater or gas supply networks. Control your supply infrastructure with confidence and benefit from quick project configuration, easy operation and maximum security.


If you are looking for a smart all-in-one solution to monitor and control your supply infrastructure, zenon will be a great fit for your integrated control center. From configuring a project, through visualization, to reporting and legally-compliant archiving, zenon offers a wide range of applications that make your operations secure, stable and efficient.


Manage multiple public supply infrastructures on one integrated platform

The zenon electrical distribution management  software platform solves numerous electrical grid operation tasks. This energy distribution management system can also interconnect with any type ofpublic supply infrastructure asset. The flexible combination of functions and components allows you to configure tailor-made solutions. Easily monitor and control equipment with a high level of failure safety with the help of zenon energy distribution management software.


  • Multi-Utility Network Control System for the combined management of electrical grids, water and waste water or gas networks
  • DSCADA (Distribution SCADA) to manage and control electric medium voltage grids, based on advanced topological functions
  • Infrastructure Asset Monitor, for detailed visualization and reporting of equipment conditions in regional and national control centers
  • EMS-Fallback System, safeguarding the continuous availability of your distribution network in case of primary EMS system outages

Features and Key Benefits:

  • Single Line Diagram with Topological Features
  • Integrated GIS (geographic information system)
  • Loadflow Calculation
  • State-Estimation
  • “N-1” Calculation / Contingency Calculation
  • Fault Location
  • Alarm Management
  • Sequence of Events (SoE)
  • Seamless Process Server Redundancy
  • Process Simulation
  • Process Replay
  • Safe Command Processing, Lockout-Tagout
  • Automatic Switching Sequences
  • Mobile Event Notification (E-Mail, SMS, VoIP)
  • Role based Access Control
  • Secure Remote Access

What zenon offers you:

  • Distribution-SCADA (DSCADA) with highest performance and solution scalability, for large quantities of assets and detailed network resolution
  • Advanced situational awareness through powerful command and event processing, and intuitive HMI
  • Comprehensive support of all relevant communication protocols
  • Efficient integration with 3rd party systems via comprehensive API and communication protocols
  • Engineering simplicity through configurable functions, templates and automatable engineering
  • Strong cyber security methods and IEC 62443-4-1 compliant Secure Development Lifecycle Process (SDL)

Your benefits:

  • Efficiently integrate your assets in green and brown-field environments
  • Overcome connectivity gaps through a unique spectrum of supported protocols
  • Safe engineering time due to powerful functions and templates, available ‘out of the box’
  • Establish a central platform to manage and control all aspects of your supply infrastructure


Full situational awareness

A core function of zenon is the Worldview. Comprehensive network schemes, including all related assets such as generators, pumps, switching equipment and lines are displayed in graphical form and with a clear overview. From there, you can zoom in and out on components in the network at any level of details and gain the insights you need to make an informed decision. In a complementary GIS (geo information system) view, the corresponding infrastructure components can be illustrated in their actual geographic arrangement. Information, such as alarm states or outages can be intuitively augmented. Structured alarm and event data can be selectively displayed to support the operator to stay in control in any situation.


Ergonomic operation and topologic features

Operating a critical supply network, like medium voltage distribution grids, requires practical features which allow you to reflect the overall condition of the network in every detail. Switching procedures in zenon are supported by a topological model of the overall grid. This means, any control action which is intended by the operator can be checked upfront for potentially negative consequences. In this way, switching actions which could peril the integrity of the grid, or cause damage to an asset are excluded. zenon can evaluate the supply condition for certain network segments, which helps to plan maintenance in the supplying parts, and to ensure continuous supply for all consumers. Also, specific features are available to identify and lock assets safely which are determined for on-sight maintenance. Network component conditions which cannot be acquired by means of a protocol-based connection can be aligned by means of manual correction commands. For full traceability, all activities are by default logged in a system-wide Sequence of Events protocol. With the so called “Command Sequencer” in zenon, standard switching procedures can be templated and executed on demand. This reduces operational effort but also adds safety, through the usage of proven switching sequences.

zenon as a Distribution Management System

Solution Leaflet

zenon as a Distribution Management System

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zenon Energy Edition


zenon Energy Edition

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Smart algorithms to manage electrical grids

advanced features to determine the actual load state, and to pre-calculate the future load state of the electric equipment. Only then can the nominal load capacities of power lines and connecting elements be optimally used, and congestion states can be avoided. zenon comes with an integrated Load Flow Calculation module to determine the electric currents and voltages as well as the related phase angles for the specific points in the grid. With this, the operator gets a perfect overview on the overall load situation and can intervene in case of imminent congestion. Load values for areas, where no physical measurements are available will be determined by zenon´s State Estimator. The State Estimator allows to approximate the electrical condition of the grid, even if it is strongly underrepresented by real physical measurements.


Based on the load flow model, a pre-calculation can be performed while switching actions. In this way it can be ensured that the changed grid configuration after the switching still results in a permissible state, without congestion.


Finally, the model also allows zenon to perform a contingency analysis – a so called “N-1 Calculation”. With this, the operator can make sure that the grid will not be congested, even if one asset (cable, line, transformer) fails. All-in-all these features will help the operator to steer the grid infrastructure safely through periods with high power flow or through situations where planned or unplanned grid reconfiguration needs to be performed.

Quick fault location and detailed investigation

To achieve highest availability ratings, utilities need to react fast in case of breakdowns. zenon supports the precise spotting of fault locations, based on values received by the respective distance protection devices. zenon can indicate the actual fault location in the single line diagram and will highlight the network section which is affected by the outage. This will help the operator to immediately prepare for the required switching actions to isolate the fault and quickly restore the power supply to as many consumers as possible. On the other hand, the indication of the fault location in the GIS view informs about the exact geographic location of the outage. This information can be used to dispatch and guide the maintenance crew.


Any incident in the supply network can be tracked and investigated in depth, using detailed alarm records and sequence of events lists (SoE) in zenon. Moreover, detailed historic archives and corresponding trends and reports can be easily utilized for such investigations by the operations team. Furthermore, a process replay function in zenon allows for an ex-post assessment of all events which happened during an incident. The investigator can freely rewind and forward event by event during the incident period, or just replay the recorded events in real time mode, while freely switching through the available screens of the HMI solution. Instead of parsing through tons of event list entries the investigator can rely on the exact visual replay of all related procedures.


Resilient and secure network architecture for maximum availability

zenon comes with highly robust, yet simple to deploy networking features. Zenon´s flexible multi-server / multi-client architecture allows to modularize the process control and monitoring aspects and distribute them to a respective set of servers. This builds the foundation to realize a diversified, fail-safe topology. On the other hand, side, visualization clients can flexibly – and of course backed by with RBAC (role based access control) – access process information or interact with the system. Hot-standby redundancy is available ‘out-of-the-box’ in zenon and can simply be utilized with just a few mouse clicks. Moreover, zenon can evaluate the health of the system and on demand perform a pre-emptive redundancy switchover or detect weak communication links and change over to better ones. The operator will constantly be informed about any event and will remain in full situational awareness.


All zenon functions are also available to work in virtualized environments, which allows for efficient solution deployment and maintenance in conjunction with up-to-date IT management techniques. Finally, networking features and protocols such as IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3 or IEC 61850 support secure authentication and TLS-based encryption according to IEC 62351 in order to achieve a maximum security level.


Powerful connectivity and networking support


zenon supports all common communication protocols in the energy industry. As a vendor-independent system, zenon is orientated along with international standards, provides great functional coverage and at the same time ensures simple applicability, and security. Protocols can be utilized to integrate on sensors, controls and PAC (protection Automation and Control) equipment of any type and brand and can be combined freely to attain maximum solution effectiveness. Here is a selection of zenon-supported protocols:

  • IEC 61850
  • DNP3
  • IEC 60870-5 (101/103/104)
  • ICCP/TASE.2 (Inter Control Center Protocol)
  • IEEE C37.118 (Synchrophasor)
  • IEC 61850-90-5 (Synchrophasor)
  • 62056-21 (Metering)


Additional protocols, such as SNMPv3, Syslog, or PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) can be utilized with zenon to support IT networking infrastructure monitoring, realize centralized security logging, or improve the resilience of the overall system architecture.


Additional network security is provided through the optional use of cybersecurity features, such as TLS based encryption or Secure Authentication – in conformance with the IEC 62351 Standard series.


Start using professional software for reliable utility management

zenon is an inter-domain software platform, proven in use with more than 175.000 installed systems. Various advanced distribution management features make zenon the ideal system to operate and monitor medium voltage electrical grids. Due to zenon’s flexibility and wide spectrum of communication options, other facilities such as water- and wastewater treatment or gas network infrastructure can easily be integrated to build a synergetic control platform. This makes zenon a perfect fit for municipalities and utilities which need to make most efficient use of their assets and need to ensure 24/7 availability of their services.

Continue to explore your integrated control center solution with zenon together with us.


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