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Ergonomics in Automation

More performance, less stress

Close connection of Ergonomics and Automation

When you think about Automation do you connect it to machinery and equipment?  That is correct of course, but there is more to it! Automation is about people. Our work is simplified when constantly recurring, strenuous or even dangerous tasks can be transferred over to machinery through automation.

But what does Ergonomics have to do with Automation?

Multi-Touch with zenon

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Multi-Touch with zenon

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Ergonomics and Automation

Ergonomics means that you can design your work environment so that working is stress-free and highly efficient.

In many textbooks Ergonomics ends at the office chair or at best already at the computer monitor. At COPA-DATA we think that there is more to Ergonomics. In a world filled with pressure on efficiency, you need to reduce complexity and be able to control machinery and equipment ergonomically. Only this way can you achieve full performance without wasting your resources.

Your advantages:

  • Greatly reduce stress
  • Guaranteed efficient working
  • Less input - better results

Ergonomic Equipment - how?

Our answer is simple: perfect connection of people, processes and machinery through software - with zenon.


10 Steps for Ergonomic Operation with zenon

  1. Network what belongs together
  2. Be well informed – always on time
  3. Find required information easily and quickly
  4. Have an overview from wherever you are
  5. Keep processes simple and efficient
  6. Avoid mistakes, gain security
  7. Secure and comfortable control and operation
  8. Profit from individually adaptable interfaces
  9. Continually improve equipment performance
  10. Reach your goals free of stress

More Ergonomics for you!

Can you achieve more, with less stress? This vision is becoming reality - for you too!  Contact us now and we can show you how this works:

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"A scientific approach enabling us to reap the best fruits of life`s labor, for the benefit of ourselves and others, with minimum effort and maximum satisfaction."

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The most innovative product of 2012:

COPA-DATA achieves a further milestone in the automation industry with the release of their new software version.