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Optimize public transportation with zenon

zenon energy edition: use in public transportation management

zenon Energy Edition from COPA-DATA provides comprehensive solutions for the automation of substations in rail traffic as well as the control of tunnel backup systems. It also offers SCADA functionalities for public transportation control rooms and supports energy management in the transport field. With zenon public transportation management software, you can benefit from quick project configuration, easy operation and maximum security.


With zenon, rail power networks are controlled and maintained easily and economically. The system supports project configuration and automated control of substations in rail power networks. Additionally, zenon can be used in the monitoring of auxiliary systems in rail tunnels, such as the emergency power supply or fire alarm systems.



 Engineering – configure projects quickly without errors

Creating a project requires the design of many common objects, such as those for transformer fields and output fields. This is time-consuming and the repetitive work can lead to errors. zenon is structured in a completely object-orientated manner. You can create a robust library of common symbols and reuse them across projects. Integrate components, processes, and functions easily with the click of a button. You can also configure and maintain extensive projects quickly and efficiently. As a result, project development time can be significantly reduced.


The Command Sequencer can automate the execution of switching operations and avoids potential errors. You can use it to configure command sequences instead of programming them. This allows intuitive operation with a clear overview and avoids errors in command input. You can also create command sequences in a protected environment and fully test these as a simulation. Execution in live operation is carried out automatically. This prevents incorrect switching operations and increases the supply security.


Security and compliance

To prevent errors in operation, you can integrate interlockings into the central configuration of a project, from simple process interlocking to automatically-calculated topological interlocking. Automatic interlocking checks carried out by the topological check in zenon ensures operating security.


The user administration in zenon protects you from unauthorized access. Command processing is linked to the user administration, so that only authorized employees can enter commands. This ensures maximum security against unauthorized access and complies with official regulations.


Integrated communication protocols

The project designer does not need to acquire in-depth knowledge of the protocol-specific properties to control switching devices because the communication protocols, including the command, are integrated in zenon. Configure your system with predefined functions and connect to various types of hardware with drivers developed in-house.


IEC 61850 and more

zenon supports all common communication protocols in the energy and transportation industry, such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DNP3, etc. By sending data to the higher-level control center directly through a protocol, you do no need an RTU.


The tunnel under control

zenon is an open system that supports different technologies and third-party systems without an additional interface or system level. In addition to the standard communication protocols, you can also incorporate ActiveX controls, .Net controls and WPF controls. As a monitoring system for railroad tunnels, zenon allows you to read in data from various sources, including emergency power equipment, camera systems, lighting, intercoms or fire alarms.


Explore additional functionalities

The zenon Software Platform offers additional functionalities that simplify the operation of railroads, such as customizable visualizations, dynamic reporting, legally-compliant archiving alarm message lists and much more.


To learn more about how to manage public transportation with zenon, contact us today.


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