Validated Security under IEC 62443

The IIoT and Smart Factories require increasingly large networks. Apps are used in a variety of areas; project managers want to access production data online while devices need to be able to communicate with one another automatically. All of these requirements to open up systems to the outside world also create new risks. These days, engineers are often faced with the questions: what are the risks we need to think about and how can we counteract these threats?


  • Secure system architecture
  • Built-in configurable security functions save time and reduce risk
  • Convenient updates help you to keep up with the latest security standards
  • Features provide support for the development of secure automation projects


validated security under IEC 62443

Various levels of security measures protect your automation system against unauthorized access. COPA-DATA develops the security features used in zenon in line with the standard IEC 62443 on “Security for industrial process measurement and control. Network and system security”.



Protection against unauthorized access

Systems are only ever as secure as their weakest point. zenon undergoes ongoing security tests and is adapted accordingly. A large number of security issues can be solved right at the start of the project brief. Secure password protection, protection against unauthorized access, and encrypted data transfer are built in as standard in zenon – allowing for consistent security via simple engineering. zenon also allows project updates to be imported during the course of operations, enabling you to update system security without any downtime.



Built-in security for zenon

COPA-DATA develops zenon in line with the standard IEC 62443 on “IT Security for Industrial Control Systems – Industrial Network and System Security”. zenon is also certified on an ongoing basis for the latest version of Windows. You can therefore rest assured that we comply with all the latest Microsoft security standards. zenon’s architecture and design meet all current security requirements. For simple and consistent user administration, zenon also supports Windows’ user administration concept with Active Directory and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services. The easy-to-configure user levels for individual authorization of user actions further reinforce access security.


The wide array of security measures include configurable communication ports and powerful 128-bit encryption for network communication. zenon Editor also comes with file signatures and a seamless history of changes. Furthermore, zenon Service Grid supports a secure architecture in the form of a security gateway, not only for cross-location systems. To give you the latest and unpublished insights into how we are tackling this issue, we are always happy to provide further information in a face-to-face meeting.