Heterogeneous Production Landscapes

Capacities are expected to rise, existing systems need to become more efficient, and new software is brought in to increase flexibility. In structures that have developed over time, old and new production systems from a range of different manufacturers often run in parallel. So how do you seamlessly and effectively incorporate your heterogeneous production landscape into your new projects? And how do you get your hands on process data from your patchwork of production systems?


  • Hardware independence at field level
  • Find the best technology for the application in question
  • Reduce costs
  • Efficiently integrate your existing equipment


heterogeneous production landscapes with zenon

zenon offers hardware independence at field level. With over 300 native drivers and communication protocols, you can connect the majority of machines and sensors available on the market. zenon Logic, the built-in IEC 61131-3 solution, can be used as a soft PLC – enabling you to control your devices.



Full communication with zenon

Using lots of different machines and system components can often be beneficial – after all, it helps you to consolidate strengths while minimizing weaknesses. The benefits are particularly high if your automation software gets in on the act. zenon effortlessly brings together data from your heterogeneous production landscape. Thanks to its open interfaces and array of ready-made communication protocols, zenon can bring together a huge range of production equipment – connecting existing machines and sensors with ease. Ideally, you should use zenon “on top” of the system where all of your process data flows together.



Free choice of hardware and incorporation into existing systems

zenon can provide over 300 native drivers and communication protocols, allowing you to directly connect the majority of equipment currently available on the market. zenon Logic – the zenon software system’s built-in IEC 61131-3 solution – can also be used as a soft PLC for controlling equipment.


With zenon, you get to decide which hardware you add to your systems. Simply select the best technology for the application at hand.