Setting Parameters Instead of Programming

The engineering team has expanded, but the new team member has no programming experience – and not much time to get trained up. But this doesn’t stop them from getting a quick handle on the first project tasks they are assigned or completing even complex challenges quickly. How? Because all they have to do is set parameters, with none of the arduous work involved in programming.


  • Flexible allocation of resources
  • Shorter project orientation time
  • Faster engineering
  • Higher margins in projects with a fixed price



setting parameters in zenon

Assuming a redundant network is being created, an engineer would ordinarily need to write around 30,000 lines of code. With zenon, that same engineer can achieve the same outcome with just two clicks.



Setting parameters instead of programming – the zenon philosophy

The product philosophy of “setting parameters instead of programming” makes it possible to complete even complex projects with minimum fuss. Creating visualization projects is simply a matter of setting parameters – no additional programming work is necessary. This principle is played out throughout the entire zenon software system. It allows new team members to get to grips with the tasks they are assigned in hardly any time at all – and what’s more, provides a reliable basis for maintaining projects of all sizes, even if the team's makeup changes or someone with specialist knowledge leaves the project.



Create your first project with just a few clicks

zenon requires absolutely no prior knowledge of programming. All it involves is setting parameters for the properties and functions you need. Predefined static and dynamic elements and symbols make working with zenon even easier. Just a few clicks are all it takes to create functions – and that includes complex ones such as redundant networks. Thanks to the configurable nature of the software, there is also a significant reduction in the validation work required for strictly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and food & beverage. Despite all this, zenon remains a flexible system. Not only can it be expanded using wizards, but those who would rather follow the programming route can also access it via an open Application Programming Interface.