Fit for Big Data

A customer has to comply with stringent regulatory requirements. He still collects his carefully archived data on magnetic tape, a solution that is anything but future-proof. The alternative is a lot easier and a lot more secure: zenon projects are well equipped to tackle large quantities of data and can process them effectively. They are also easy to configure and can be enhanced with affordable limitless add-ons – including cloud connections. Making it affordable to swap your magnetic tape for big data in the cloud.


  • Simple archiving, extraction, and onward processing
  • Real-time reporting and predictive maintenance applications
  • Problem-free project work for big data applications
  • No additional engineering tool required for big data applications
  • Highly scalable


zenon for big data

zenon offers you a flexible way to save and evaluate data. You can use zenon to work with very large amounts of data, making it an effective way to guarantee secure long-term archiving and read-back capability. With zenon, real-time reporting and predictive maintenance applications are made easy.



Expanding your horizon with the cloud

These days, so many companies are legally required to collect, archive, and read back data in accordance with certain rules. This can generate huge amounts of data. What’s more, big data is an important foundation for Smart Factories, whether you need it for the real-time reporting of important statistics or predictive maintenance applications that help you to plan impending work.


zenon is perfectly equipped to archive and evaluate large quantities of data and then make this data available again. A special wizard helps you to decide which data should be archived in which period within just a short space of time. As a result, you will be ready to meet each and every regulatory requirement. What’s more, you can also draw up reports and analyses for huge amounts of data without any hassle.



Performance optimization and scalability

In zenon, you don’t need a separate tool for archiving as it’s already part of the Engineering Studio. Its native archive server, the zenon Historian, can tackle even the largest quantity of data. zenon’s archive aggregation function ensures your projects remain effective, even in the realm of big data. And if you’re exporting data for long-term archives or for collaboration between various sites, you will find an array of different options in zenon – all the way through to easy connection with cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure. zenon therefore provides you with a convenient, affordable, and secure way to scale databases.