zenon Historian – What your production equipment has to say

Future success is built upon the strong pillars of history. One of those fundamental pillars is the zenon Historian. In the Pharma and Life Science industries, recording process information is fundamental to any production activity. Data acquisition and a historian are therefore a primary focus.


zenon Historian

With native communication drivers, including standard industry protocols, zenon Historian can connect with any industrial system. This powerful connectivity brings together different systems from different process equipment, including systems such as MES, ERP, and other databases. No existing infrastructure needs to be changed to connect with the zenon Historian – native drivers connect without modification to the third-party system. This is a big plus for the pharmaceutical sector since validated processes remain unaffected.

Can you Hear? Can you See? Can...

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Can you Hear? Can you See? Can you Imagine?

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Visualize even complex information intuitively

With the data that is collected consistently, knowledge can be visualized. Plant overview dashboards or detailed process screens with alarm and event information are just a few examples of what is possible.


Expanding the Historian in the Cloud

It is additionally possible to expand comprehensive archiving architectures to the Cloud. In doing so, zenon Historian becomes an ergonomic Big Data solution, using its conventional native archiving technology in a highly accessible global historian system.


In this article you can read all about the capabilities of zenon Historian and how it helps you access the knowledge that is hidden in your production data.