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HMI solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers

A human-machine interface (HMI) is a powerful tool for introducing refined communication between people and machines. The pharmaceutical industry demands efficiency and precision, and you must be able to streamline manufacturing practices with seamless data and user management, all while staying compliant. With an HMI, pharmaceutical manufacturing enters a new level of productivity and quality assurance.



The benefits of an HMI solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers

At COPA-DATA, our HMI solution with zenon offers a variety of benefits for your pharmaceutical manufacturing operation.


Adhere to data integrity compliance

zenon introduces tools that can be applied to your machines for comprehensive data integrity. Stay compliant with eSignature, audit trail, recipe management, user management and local historian – configurable and out of the box.


Integrate with current manufacturing systems

Stay connected to all your machines with vertical data integration. Once you introduce zenon, you can easily share real-time and historical data, and audit trails and alarms with your current systems. Different countries may require different hardware. But no matter if the machine is delivered to USA or Europe, zenon supports more than 300 different hardware protocols. This gives you the independency to use the hardware suited best for you needs. This openness and included connectors, like Gateways (e.g. OPC UA Server), simplifies connecting with upper layer systems e.g. MES.


Preserve your investment and add data integrity compliance out of the box

Electronic data recording allows for a fast transition from a paper-based system to a computerized one. zenon preserves your investment by connecting to your existing equipment and simplifies the validation process. Use the read-only function to reduce the effort for revalidation in your existing system.


Ensure product quality and minimize batch release time

zenon detects GMP deviations in real time and informs the right group of personnel like quality assurance (QA) personnel in real time. Products will meet regulations and QA can focus on immediate problems. The instant availability of electronic batch records allow for faster release times for produced batches.


Implement GMP-compliant projects with ease

zenon includes all the necessary tools to meet manufacturing standards for new processes and projects. Eliminate regulation mistakes in implementation with tools like:

  • User management
  • Connection to existing services
  • eSignature
  • Audit trail
  • Recipe management
  • Deviation detection
  • Historian
  • Electronic batch record
  • Reports supporting review by exception (RBE)
  • Export of data
  • Security measures

Identify and fix potential errors before they occur

Increase security by staying up to date

Every year, our software platform rolls out a new update that focuses on stronger security practices. Introduce these updates automatically and convert your projects to the latest version right away. 


You also have flexibility in user management to determine authorized users at any time and ensure only qualified personnel access sensitive information. Default encrypted communication keeps all data secure.


Minimize engineering project time and maximize machine potential

Our HMI pharmaceutical manufacturing solution includes ready-to-use templates, symbols and smart objects for your engineering projects. zenon also offers the opportunity to create intelligent wizards. The zenon engineering environment also provides versioning, history of changes and documentation supporting the validation process.


Keep your machine running efficiently with diagnostic capabilities. Identify and fix communication issues and potential errors to speed up commissioning time.


Customize our software to your needs

Our human-machine interface comes with a configurable GAMP5 SW CAT.4 engineering platform for compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing practices. You can design zenon to suit your needs and corporate identity for both efficiency and brand awareness.


Work with COPA-DATA for a pharma HMI solution

With a human-machine interface, pharmaceutical manufacturing operations can become more secure, intuitive and efficient. At COPA-DATA, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry and actively improve our software platform to adhere to the necessary logic and algorithms. zenon provides  ideal solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. 


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