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Food and Beverage Manufacturing Energy Data Management

Gathering, understanding and managing energy data for food and beverage manufacturers can seem like a tall order, but zenon makes it simple. This task entails bringing a wide range of data sources together to understand how your energy consumption occurs and where it can be improved. zenon is a comprehensive software platform that allows manufacturers to gain a complete overview of their energy data management landscape and gather actionable insights. 



The challenges of energy data management for food and beverage manufacturers


Every facility is unique, but there are several data management challenges that tend to be present across various food and beverage manufacturing operations:

  • Compliance: Producing the world's food and drinks means you must abide by a range of standards and regulations. You may need to maintain certain humidity levels or temperatures for safe products and carefully manage disposal and emissions to prevent environmental damage. That means drawing information from many different areas.
  • Managing consumption: Reducing energy consumption is a great way to save on costs and reduce your facility's footprint, but it's easier said than done without robust plant energy data management.
  • Synthesizing energy data: Energy can come from and be used in myriad different ways, so bringing it all together calls for some innovative solutions. Drink and food plant energy management calls for turning all of these data points into understandable and valuable insights.
  • Taking action from data: All of those data points don't mean much unless you can turn them into actions that further the business. Whether it's through adjusting processes to reduce emissions or changing up your schedule to use energy on non-peak times and save costs, data can provide the information you need.


How zenon helps food and beverage plants meet ISO 50001 certification


zenon checks all the right boxes for energy data management in manufacturing plants. It can:

  • Improve data collection: zenon links up all of your equipment, even in heterogeneous setups, and pulls data into a user-friendly, comprehensive dashboard. It makes it easy to improve your data collection measures and gain a full understanding of how energy is moving throughout your facility.
  • Deliver real-time data collection insights: You shouldn't be working with outdated information. zenon operates in real time and can provide an up-to-date view of your energy use.
  • Create meaningful, custom analyses and reports: To benefit from the data you're collecting, you need effective analysis. zenon creates custom-built reports and has a range of meaningful data options, like Sankey diagrams, Pareto charts, heat maps and duration curves. Users can also take advantage of sophisticated filters and comparison tools to focus on specific types of data.
  • Prevent additional costs: Through better analysis capabilities, users can identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and limit costs in various ways, such as avoiding load peaks and adjusting system settings to use less energy.
  • Reduce energy costs: By reducing consumption, altering use schedules and other methods, you can minimize the cost of energy. Today, customers are increasingly curious about production methods and whether a company is eco-friendly, and manufacturers need to meet given standards. zenon delivers an overarching image of your energy costs so you can determine the success of these efforts, allowing your company to create a positive public perception.


Working with zenon and COPA-DATA


If you're looking to make your food or beverage plant energy data management easier and more effective, zenon is an excellent solution. This robust software platform accomplishes many different tasks and can provide comprehensive information and control over your energy landscape. It also comes from COPA-DATA, an industry leader since 1987 with a reputation for continuous improvement.


To see what zenon can do for energy management in your food or beverage production facility, reach out to a representative. 


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