Secure Data Archives

When you’re archiving large quantities of data, a clear arrangement is just as important as powerful performance. Complex systems and archiving models can quickly become an issue when you’ve got a lot of data. zenon supports project managers using tried-and-tested functions: data can be recorded directly on the production system, stored in the database, and reliably extracted – with read-back capability and top performance guaranteed by data aggregation. And each and every step is easily adjusted.


  • Affordable architecture for universal archive systems
  • Redundancy-ready archive helps protect against data loss
  • Powerful enough to handle big data applications
  • Simple export options


secure data archives

zenon offers a range of flexible options for archive systems. You have options in terms of architecture and in choosing between native archiving or archiving to SQL Server.


zenon facilitates the ideal form of archive for any application.



High data security with low project costs

In zenon, archive engineering is quick and easy thanks to zenon Historian, zenon's archive server. Our engineers’ priority was setting parameters instead of complicated programming. As a result, you can set up and maintain archives with a high level of data consistency with ease. zenon network technology with redundancy also helps to protect against data losses. The powerful performance of zenon Historian is further enhanced by the automatically configurable aggregated archive. Now nothing will stand in the way of you recording even the largest amounts of data for comprehensive reporting and big data applications.



Universal, configurable, and innovative

The zenon Historian is fully integrated into the software system. This means you can easily link data from a variety of different areas of production. For instance, you can compare production data directly against energy consumption values. Or have immediate access to reports from batch production for your batch approval processes.


The Historian is an out-of-the-box solution and is easy to engineer thanks to the special wizard. Your data archive is always redundancy-ready without any extra engineering. You have three different options for your archive: cyclical, upon value changes, or event-triggered. Depending on the purpose and goal of your archive, you decide when data should be archived and when and how it should be exported. This means, for example, that you can protect and store data for the long term, process it in another tool, or read it back if necessary.