Compatibility for Future-Proof Projects

Upgrading to a new version? Who knows whether everything will still work again afterwards? Even though the new version comes with a whole host of new options and will make your life easier – it’s even got a new module – the risk seems too great. Projects for clients are too delicate for anything to go wrong. Compatibility? Ok, we’ll take a look. Once the upgrade is finished, one thing becomes clear: all that worry was for nothing, everything is working perfectly.


  • Minimized risk for updates and upgrades
  • Always up to date with technology
  • No expensive machine downtime
  • Simple servicing and maintenance
  • Use of the latest operating systems and security standards


compatibility for future-proof projects

In this example, a zenon project with version 8.20 is opened and processed in a version 10 zenon Engineering Studio. Service Engine environments with versions 7.50 to 10 can be compiled with this Engineering Studio.


Always up to date

Compatibility is a core feature in zenon and this helps to ensure your projects remain fit for the future. COPA-DATA takes this issue very seriously; after all, only functional compatibility minimizes the risk during upgrades, helping you to keep your systems up to date at all times.


With zenon, projects remain compatible over a number of different product versions. They keep on running without any interruptions and can also be maintained with ease. Even when you’re using the latest version of zenon Engineering Studio, you can still use it to securely service older versions of zenon Service Engine. Project managers will always benefit from the latest features without having to worry about older projects.


What’s more, with zenon you can perform upgrades without any expensive machine downtime.



Added security with compatibility

If you are using a brand new version of zenon for engineering, you can still import projects from older versions and edit them easily in zenon Engineering Studio. Simply select the version you need for the Service Engine environment in the Engineering Studio at the touch of a button. You can then rest assured that you are only engineering features that will actually work. And, of course, you can use several different versions of zenon Service Engine in a single network at the same time. It’s up to you to decide which version of the Engineering Studio and Service Engine environment you use.


Universal compatibility not only applies for version upgrades but also to small and larger-scale product updates.