Creating Smart System Architecture

The architecture for your project calls for various systems to communicate with one another. You need to link hardware components built by a range of different manufacturers, while also making sure the network has a redundant design. Plus, you need database connections, cloud connections, and mobile access to production. And when you are trying to plan more efficient material flows and streamline your order processing, your production line and supply chain need to be coordinated via your ERP system.


  • Development of complex systems with very little effort
  • Open and cutting-edge system architecture
  • Easy configuration for secure, robust, and redundant networks
  • Open programming interfaces


creating smart system architecture with zenon

Smart system architecture with zenon: perfect connections from the sensor to the cloud. A secure and robust solution for complex systems with outstanding connectivity.



Simple and secure handling for complex system architecture

zenon can bring together a huge range of hardware components and enable them to communicate with one another. The open interfaces in zenon guarantee data consistency from the sensor to the ERP system and then up to the cloud. Meanwhile, zenon also blends seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and database systems. As a result, you can build a full universal system with very little effort, easily bringing together information from various levels. All of this can be configured from a single Engineering Studio – even when integrating mobile devices. With zenon, you can securely configure even the most complicated of network structures with ease. The zenon Service Grid is of particular importance in this context. With the central Service Hub, it offers the possibility of securely networking systems across locations.



Perfect networking with zenon

The increasing convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) calls for open and secure automation systems. zenon connects production with the business world thanks to outstanding connectivity, including with ERP systems such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.


Thanks to a free selection of databases, you can enjoy ultimate flexibility for data archiving and data processing. Even a variety of cloud solutions are easy to implement with zenon – for example, using Microsoft Azure. And, of course, you can also run parts of your system architecture in a virtual environment.


Open programming interfaces and the option to program your own project solutions using Visual Studio open up even more opportunities. And with over 300 native drivers and communication protocols, nothing will stop you from connecting a wide array of devices and machines in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).