Overview with the zenon Worldview

Keeping an eye on a vast production plant can be very challenging. On the one hand, it is important to maintain an overview, whereas on the other, keeping track of the details is essential. It can be very difficult to marry the two. But if you’re able to quickly find your feet and zoom in from the big picture right down to the specific details with ease you can respond promptly and correctly. The zenon Worldview offers this: an overview of the entire production plant and – on the same screen – in-depth information.


  • Overview of the entire production environment
  • Level of detail based on information requirements
  • Versatile: for large production plants, various locations, etc.
  • Faster response times



production plan overview with zenon worldwide

The zenon Worldview includes an overview of the entire facility, but may also, if required, automatically include detailed information when the zoom level is increased.



Keep an eye on the entire production environment

With the zenon Worldview, you can retain an overview of your entire production plant on one screen. Even vast plants can be visualized on a single screen. Users have the entire plant in view – and can zoom in on the details on the same screen when required. This helps to locate alarms in an instant and receive detailed information on individual machines or locations at any time. And when combined with Multi-Touch, the zenon Worldview provides you with a simple, reliable, and user-friendly tool to ease the stress of your working day.



Optimal overview with the zenon Worldview

No matter how big the screens you are using are, the zenon Worldview provides you with an optimal overview of the entire production plant. zenon makes it possible to adapt the displayed information to the current zoom level and the required level of detail automatically.


Individual plant parts or production locations can be selected directly in order to obtain specific information. For example, an alarm is easily identified in the zenon Worldview screen because it is flashing. The user then knows immediately what has generated the alarm, can access detailed information and instructions for resolving it within seconds and can, therefore, respond quickly and confidently.


Tip: by incorporating GIS data or geographical information, the zenon Worldview can also be displayed as a map.