Batch Size of One: Production and Business Processes Perfectly Integrated

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are resulting in production becoming more closely integrated in the value chain as a whole. From the customer request to the finished product, every single step should be linked together and, ideally, be able to communicate with each other independently. This then enables products with a batch size of just one to be customized. The first step towards achieving this is to seamlessly integrate production and business processes.


  • Identify potential for enhancing efficiency
  • Efficient material flows and order processing
  • Rapid response and well-founded decisions
  • Traceability for complete quality assurance
  • Consistent documentation



batch size production

zenon can be easily integrated into an existing IT and automation infrastructure. Direct communication between production and business processes enables the networking of all stages of production – from customer specifications to the finished product.



Link management and production

When the optimal coordination of order management and production matters, zenon has the strengths to provide you with all the assistance you need. Above all else, it is able to communicate smoothly with IT systems. For example, production and process data can be transferred to the ERP system in real time, and information from the ERP is passed on just as quickly to production.

This integration with higher-level systems is a fundamental step towards a consistent value chain. When the information flow functions seamlessly, material flows and order processing can be tracked and planned more efficiently and decisions can be made faster and more confidently, based on well-founded information.



Consistency across all levels

To ensure that the management level receives valid data in real time whenever possible, zenon offers comprehensive KPIs and reports as well as native interfaces for third-party systems such as SAP ERP or Microsoft Dynamics. Naturally, communication also functions in the opposite direction, allowing production orders to be processed and monitored more efficiently. The direct communication between the production level and planning level increases flexibility and productivity. Unnecessary intermediate steps are left out, enabling you to pick up the pace and reduce the possibility of errors occurring.


The openness of zenon means that it can be integrated simply and seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure. And the various ways in which it can be incorporated into cloud architectures provide you with more options and guarantee the optimal scalability of the entire system.