High Scalability

When it comes to automation, you need to look far ahead. At the start, a basic solution is often sufficient for a production line. But what will happen later on? The company will grow, new tasks will arrive, and more machines will need to be added. And how will you ensure informative reporting? zenon's high scalability allows you to grow one step at a time with ultimate ease.


  • Reduced financial risk
  • Room for potential growth
  • Step-by-step investment



high scalability of automation projects with zenon

The high scalability of zenon allows you to grow on a step-by-step basis. For example, you can start with line management for a single production line, and then expand production in the future to include an energy data management system, complex OEE calculations, integration with the cloud, and so on. With zenon, there are no limits to what you can do.



Step by step

A limited time frame and tight budgetary constraints often define the boundaries and limits in project management. zenon is designed in a scalable manner to allow projects to grow step by step. This keeps the cost risk low, as investments are only made when the development of the company needs them. For example, you might start with just a few machines, with their KPIs displayed centrally in a small control room. Later, you implement a simple energy management system. And, as time progresses, you allow the system to grow and evolve.



Start small, grow with purpose

zenon enables automation projects to start small and evolve over time – and software versions – to form a high-end solution. So you can develop your production plant one step at a time, and the automation environment will grow along with it.


New production plants are exceptionally easy to integrate and expand. With zenon, scalability doesn't just mean growth in terms of size, but also constant growth in terms of functionality. For example, you might start with an OEE calculation and then later extend your application to include energy efficiency analysis, batch control, alarm analysis, or many other aspects, even in the same project.


Because projects remain consistent, project components complement each other and can be reused. So you can take a basic project and develop it into a sophisticated application, including mobile solutions that pull in data from the cloud or from other sites and issue diagrams containing comprehensive batch reports. With zenon, the doors to growth are always open.