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Message Control

Message control

By reacting to messages and alarms quickly you can avoid expensive downtime and ensure that the effectiveness of equipment remains high. zenon Message Control informs users and decision makers independent of their current location. Through mobile access via a web server or Smartphone gateway the information which is needed for the reaction are obtainable, independent of location.

Message Control

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Message Control

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Immediate notification

zenon Message Control forwards messages (such as alarm messages or system information) to designated people – as an SMS, email or voice mail. You can make it mandatory to acknowledge messages from Message Control to ensure that they are acknowledged directly by the user (positive or negative). Acknowledgment can be linked to freely definable functions. Attachments can also be sent as a PDF file when notified by e-mail. Thus, information which is important in regards to the classification of the alarms, is sent along. Further information can be quickly and simply retrieved, sent in any mode of dispatch, via the zenon Smartphone Gateway or the web client.

Fast Facts

  • Integrated messaging service that can be automated
  • Support for SMS, e-mail (SMTP), audio
  • Acknowledgement possibility (positive/negative)
  • Complete logging
  • Networkable including redundancy
  • Can be edited in Runtime
  • Grouping of recipients, individual addresses, groups

How it works

  • Different evaluations of production data bring all relevant information to the screen in a clear overview.



Configure projects efficiently and with redundancy

Message Control is embedded in zenon. Therefore, all status information, such as the successful sending of a message, the accepted acknowledgement or subsequent action instigated are entered into the Chronological Event List (CEL) without exception and a complete language switch is available.The recipients are fully integrated in the zenon user administration. The Message Control is redundancycompatible without additional project configuration work.

Project configuration and integration in zenon

The project configuration of the Message Control is flexibly performed in the zenon Editor and zenon Runtime (also in the web client). Recipient administration (telephone numbers, email addresses etc) can also be edited in zenon Runtime. Like all data that can be changed in Runtime, this data can also be read back to the Editor.


For maintenance of the message control an own screen type is given which displays the queued notifications. For maintenance work of the equipment individual notifications can be suppressed.

Escalation management

Notifications can be escalated by the recipient according to their configuration within a group. Here, the next recipient is continually alerted until an appropriate answer is received.

Notifier App by zenon

The Notifier App by zenon allows an even quicker reaction to alarms, regardless of where you may just be. zenon Message Control routes messages (such as alarms) to individual people such as operating staff or decision-makers, as an SMS for example. The Notifier App detects alarms which were sent per Message Control. On receipt, the user can simply acknowledge or reject the alarm with their Android smartphone.