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Multi-Touch Gestures with zenon

Bring Multi-Touch to HMI touch panels and to SCADA applications

multi touch with zenon

Multi-Touch applications in smartphones and tablet PCs have celebrated groundbreaking success in the last few years. With zenon you can now bring this revolutionary technology to Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch panels and to SCADA applications! Here, you can reach a new level in usability and security of machine and plant control.

Multi-Touch with zenon

Fact Sheet

Multi-Touch with zenon

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Advantages of Multi-Touch in HMI applications at control stations / operator panels

  • Maximum operating safety
  • Increased usability
  • Reduced training time due to more intuitive handling and much more!

Fast Facts

  • Use Multi-Touch gestures with zenon projects
  • HMI applications at the operator panel with Multi-Touch
  • Increase operating safety
  • Optimum usability
  • Intuitive handling and less training time for operators

zenon with Multi-Touch

Innovative operating concepts

Multi-Touch allows the use of innovative operating concepts. For example, confusing menu structures can be replaced by freely configured scrollable toolbars (docks). To optimally serve each operator with relevantly defined information, it is possible to create individual process screens in Runtime, per drag & drop.

Increased operating safety

Make reduced training time and fewer error rates possible due to more intuitive handling. Also less experienced operators can handle projects with optimum usability and operating safety.


In addition, Multi-Touch offers features such as two hand operation. Here, specific actions can only be carried out by using two hands. This avoids unwanted actions from occurring and ensures both hands are on the touch panel during use.

Examples where Multi-Touch gestures can be used

  • Swipe with two fingers in order to switch between different plant screens;
  • Zoom to plant screens using two fingers (pinch);
  • Drag & drop individual screen elements in the Runtime, e.g. to create a personalized screens on the HMI, using various elements;
  • Specified function gestures, e.g. confirmation of an alarm drawn with a finger tick;
  • Two hand operation on the touch screen (operator panel) e.g. for safety;
  • Native Multi-Touch gestures such as zooming and scrolling in zenon screens (e.g. Extended Trend);
  • …and in many more applications