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SAP Interface

SAP Interface

direct interface to SAP ERP

The SAP-certified zenon interface makes simple, secure and rapid connection to your process level possible with the ERP system SAP ERP. Information from production can be quickly processed by management or sales and requirements specified in the ERP system can be implemented directly at process level.

SAP Interface

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SAP Interface

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Interface to SAP

zenon interacts with SAP ERP applications via a two-way interface. This means that it can send messages about any given processes to the ERP level and also receives control instructions from there. Companies can link their process level directly to ERP level via a closed information loop – and thus gain a complete and reliable overview of their entire company, from order processing through recipes and production to delivery.

Fast Facts

  • Certified direct connection to SAP ERP
  • Two-way communication
  • Call-up of SAP function modules
  • Production data and events are available in real time
  • No middleware required
  • Can be implemented without SAP know-how


In zenon, any desired SAP module can be accessed (by both reading and writing), via the SAP ERP interface. Here zenon can process any type of information. Especially interesting for automation professionals, is that SAP know-how is not needed for the implementation.


Bi-directional connection

The two-way connection between SCADA level and ERP provides several advantages. Due to the direct exchange of data, two previously separate levels operate as one consistent system that has everything under control: Production data and events are available in real time – so previously ‘unpredictable’ events are under control. This enables optimum use of staff and material, because genuine production data is available, instead of approximate offline production plans.

Maintenance management

For maintenance management, zenon can pass on a large amount of information from the HMI/SCADA level to the SAP ERP - for example:

  • Fault signals
  • Figures
  • Operating hours counter

ERP-HMI communication

To be exactly informed in the machine and equipment industry is an important factor to contribute to success. Information can be taken from the ERP and directly accessed at the HMI via the certified SAP ERP interface. Therefore, you can be informed of changes such as planned batch changeovers, product changes or packaging details.