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zenon Logic

The integrated IEC 61131-3 solution

zenon logic

The powerful and flexible IEC 61131-3 programming system zenon Logic is directly integrated into the zenon Editor by zenon Operator and zenon Supervisor. zenon Logic makes the configuration of projects quicker, more reliable, better and more efficient.

zenon Logic

Fact Sheet

zenon Logic

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Integration with zenon Logic

The seamless integration of zenon Logic is impressive, with a range of clever properties:

  • SCADA and PLC programming in one system
  • One database: after writing the PLC program, all data is already present in the SCADA system No laborious imports or exports, no unnecessary manual work and therefore major time savings.
  • Common data is available immediately
  • zenon Logic helps you to achieve your objectives more quickly and efficiently, minimizes errors and delivers both time and cost savings in project configuration.

Fast Facts

  • IEC 61131-3 conforming programming system
  • SCADA and PLC programming in one system
  • A joint database
  • Test and simulate with PLC code
  • Faceplates for automatic code generating
  • Suitable for open platforms

Merge the worlds of HMI/SCADA and cut expenses.

zenon's intelligent integration means merging the HMI/SCADA world and the PLC world, when it makes sense to do so. The IEC 61131-3 programming interface zenon Logic has been an integral component of the zenon Editor since 2001 and provides automation engineers with considerable benefits. Both systems – zenon Logic and zenon – access a shared database Shared variables and data types can be created, amended or deleted by either system. Changes can therefore be immediately visible in the other system and shared variables are always up to date. Depending on requirements, the data is available in both systems or just one system. Variables that are only envisaged for zenon (pure SCADA variables) are also only listed in the zenon variable list. The same applies for zenon Logic: dedicated PLC variables are only listed by the zenon Logic variable list. If such a variable is required by the other system however, the visibility and usability can be switched on immediately.


The advantages:

  • Lists of data are longer listed twice
  • No time-consuming export/import processes
  • Considerable time savings
  • Particularly high degree of reliability when configuring projects and putting them into operation
  • Programmed driver simulation: PLC code without testing hardware
  • Faceplates - automatic PLC code generated on the foundation of graphical elements
  • Suitable for open platforms