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zenon 11: Solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Industrial software vendor, COPA-DATA has released zenon 11, the latest iteration of its intelligent software platform for industrial and energy sites. The new version introduces the powerful MTP Suite, a game-changing tool that enables modular production. zenon 11 is now available for automotive, food and beverage, life sciences and energy applications.

MTP — or module type package — describes the paradigm shift in engineering to favor the standardization of machinery and communication. The cross-industry and cross-manufacturer MTP standard can be defined as the creation of uniform descriptions of different modules. This makes it possible to break production lines into smaller, interchangeable sections and is often referred to as plug-and-produce manufacturing. 

zenon 11 is the first iteration of the COPA-DATA software platform to natively include the zenon MTP Suite. This is achieved through integration of MTP on the process orchestration layer (zenon POL) and interaction with the zenon Engineering Studio. The end result supports manufacturers in modularizing their facilities to achieve more flexible production. 


Additional features


Like previous versions of zenon, the zenon 11 software platform is suitable for a host of different industrial settings, with dedicated features for users in the automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical manufacturing and energy market. The new version boasts improved engineering ergonomics, strengthened cyber security measures and an increased number of compatible protocols.

“The new zenon version is packed with clever features for a number of different industries,” explained Thomas Punzenberger, CEO and founder of COPA-DATA and inventor of zenon. “The modular approach of MTP fits perfectly with COPA-DATA’s philosophy of making automation easy. In fact, we already have some MTP solutions running in the field.”

zenon 11 incorporates new interfaces including Werum MSI and CIM-CGMES. While the first enables machines to be connected to PAS-X from Werum IT Solutions, a well-established manufacturing execution system (MES) in the life sciences industry, the second provides connectivity to CIM-CGMES which is very useful for those operating grids in the energy sector.

Among other notable features is Alarm Shelving. The new capability helps users to manage fault alarms securely, by allowing them to shelve low priority alarms while dealing with urgent ones. This has been developed according to ISA-18.2-2016 and IEC 62682, standards for the management of alarm systems in the process industries. Security has also been bolstered with state-of-the-art multifactor authentication and new encryption for zenon networks with TLS v1.3 certificates.

The batch module has also been significantly improved. There is now more information about recipe execution in the chronological events list (CEL) or audit trail, thus supporting the regulatory needs of many sectors. There is also an option to automatically generate and export reports after a batch has been completed. Moreover, the new version also ensures continuous synchronization between the server and the standby, thanks to reliable redundancy. This feature ensures that, even if the server goes down, batch processing can continue without disruption.


zenon Academy


In addition to the new zenon release, COPA-DATA has also launched zenon Academy, a resource for engineers to access online courses or face-to-face training. The zenon Academy covers all topics related to the zenon Software Platform including anything from the energy industry, to batch control for pharma. Engineers can acquire certificates free of charge on the new learning platform and companies can thereby further develop their COPA-DATA partner status.


More information on the zenon 11 release can be found on the COPA-DATA release website.