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COPA-DATA releases zenon 12

COPA-DATA has introduced the latest version of its software platform, zenon. zenon 12 includes an enhanced, browser-independent Web Visualization Service and a natively integrated MTP suite. Additionally, new features include Linux support and an interface to SAP Netweaver.

The new version of the zenon software platform advances performance and user experience. With zenon 12, a more comprehensive Web Visualization Service (WVS) and an enhanced report engine are available. Many enhancements provide more connectivity to Linux or GraphQL.


On the way to Linux

With the new release, parts of zenon have been migrated to Linux. This increases user freedom in choosing the preferred operating system. The integration of the Data Storage Service has created the possibility to export process data to a cloud storage. Additionally, an OPC UA Gateway has been implemented to improve interoperability and data exchange between different systems. This enhancement improves integration, efficiency and security of communication and data transfer in a heterogeneous industrial environment.


Modular production

The combination of modular production and Module Type Package (MTP) offers a promising solution that is revolutionizing manufacturing processes in numerous industries. This makes it possible to make production more flexible and meet the demand for small batches and individual solutions, as well as shorten product and innovation cycles.

The cross-industry and cross-manufacturer standard MTP supports consistent modularization in production and has been natively supported in zenon since Version 11. zenon 12 considers the continuous further development of the MTP standard by supporting all newly released parts (Part 1 to 5.1), such as the Service Apply mechanism and the Service Operator interaction. To integrate older machinery and legacy equipment via MTP, the MTP Gateway offers an easy way to make these existing plants MTP-enabled using the integrated zenon Logic (IEC 61131-3 Soft-PLC). It provides the complete MTP status model, the OPC UA data structure, and all required MTP function blocks.


SAP interface

zenon 12 now uses the SAP Netweaver interface to ensure a smooth exchange of production data with the ERP level. This enables efficient communication and data transfer between production and enterprise level.


Browser-agnostic HTML5 visualization

The Web Visualization Service (WVS) offers the ability to use visually appealing and high-quality Human Machine Interface (HMI) or monitoring solutions in web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The performance of the WVS has been improved by numerous extensions in zenon 12.


zenon 12 is available now. All highlights and further new features can be found here.