Native Drivers for Added Freedom

You want to make your company’s new building smart. Linking the control units for its heating system, sun blinds, air conditioning system, etc., would allow you to run a comprehensive energy management system. You also want to be able to incorporate production and building data into your evaluations. However, your production landscape has grown over time, meaning that is heterogeneous. Quite the challenge! Is there any system out there that can get to grips with “exotic” equipment as well?


  • Independent native drivers and communication protocols
  • Easily expandable and with optimum maintenance
  • High level of connectivity
  • Stable communication


native drivers for added freedom with zenon

This list shows a selection of the 300+ native drivers and communication protocols available through zenon.



Independence brings more flexibility

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) requires open systems that allow for flexible enhancement without forgetting about security. Heterogeneous systems, on the other hand, require software systems that can speak lots of different languages. That’s where zenon comes in. Its array of native drivers, which we are constantly enhancing and extending, provide you with the support you need to connect your equipment and machines – from the sensor to a segmented system. System integrators not only benefit from a wide selection of existing drivers but also from the tailor-made development of new native drivers.


COPA-DATA develops its own communication stacks, allowing for the speedy expansion and optimum maintenance of drivers.



In-house driver development

The communication functions offered by zenon guarantee ultimate connectivity in heterogeneous systems. zenon has access to over 300 in-house drivers and communication protocols. All of our drivers meet the highest standards for data consistency, performance, stability, and security, and are checked on an ongoing basis.


COPA-DATA also takes part in a number of standardization committees, meaning that we contribute to the development of standards to ensure our customers always have early access to important communication protocols in line with the latest standards. As a result, zenon can communicate perfectly and reliably with many different devices, either using a standardized approach or individually programmed – it’s up to you.