Built-in Soft Logic

The project specifications for a drink-filling machine call for real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculation. When it comes to OEE, availability, performance, and quality have to be calculated on an ongoing basis. With zenon, you can use precise data taken directly from the production line – perfectly supported by zenon’s built-in zenon Logic.


  • Central database thanks to universal integration
  • No more repeat data maintenance
  • Offline simulation


built-in soft logic with zenon

zenon Logic – zenon’s built-in PLC programming environment – can be used as soft logic for project simulation or complex KPI calculations.


For machine control applications, zenon Logic can be used as a soft PLC.



The zenon Logic programming environment

zenon comes with a built-in IEC 61131-3 programming environment as standard: zenon Logic. Thanks to consistent integration throughout the zenon software system, zenon and zenon Logic use just one shared database. Engineers therefore only have to generate objects such as variables once and can maintain them from a central location. What's more, zenon Logic also serves as a soft PLC for controlling machines and systems, enabling you to streamline hardware costs.



Simulation, calculation, and control built in

zenon’s built-in soft logic combines the HMI/SCADA world with the PLC world through a shared database. This not only helps to prevent errors but also expedites and simplifies engineering and maintenance. With zenon Logic, you can also perform calculations and logical checks, for example, for complex KPI calculations.


zenon Logic can also be used in the field of project simulation. Here, zenon Logic simulates the target PLC and provides realistic values during tests in the engineering phase. You will therefore be able to see straight away how the project will work so that you can eliminate errors and risks before you go live.


zenon Logic is a versatile calculation tool, a sophisticated soft PLC, and a tool for simulating realistic control operations.