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Smart Checklist

Paper on Glass Technology Simplifies and Optimizes Testing Processes

The Smart Checklist replaces paper lists in production. The advantages are fewer errors, increased efficiency and flexibility, as well as simpler storage and administration of data for testing processes of all kinds. The Smart Checklist thus supplements the zenon Batch Control module optimally.

Smart Checklist

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Smart Checklist

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Desktop or mobile

With zenon Smart Checklist, it is possible to work on PCs and on mobile devices. This means that data can be recorded directly on site and then flexibly further processed on other workstations. There is a comment field available in which to make notes, so that users are in a position to forward information.

Error-free processing

The user works on the Smart Checklist step by step. In doing so, they are not permitted to progress to the next stage before the current stage has been completed. Wiring diagrams, documents, standards or 3D models can be appended to lists if required to reduce processing time.


The user is guided through the list in accordance with the ISA-88 standard; it is thus possible to prove the CE conformity of a machine with the Smart Checklist. Thanks to further standardized zenon modules, it is possible to enhance the checklist with automatic data saving or screen switching interactions.

For every language and measuring unit

All data can be displayed in the desired language and in country-specific units of measurement – perfect for cooperation between sites in different countries. The data can be collected whatever the make of hardware. It is thus possible to log and process data from different machines.

Records at the press of a button

The individual testing steps are saved and cannot be manipulated. The data can be transferred to an SQL database or a higher-level ERP system without problems. It is also possible to create reports and test logs from the recorded data using the Smart Checklist. The reports are available as PDF documents to be used for further digital processing.

Full integration with zenon

The Batch Control module, on which the Smart Checklist is based, is fully integrated with zenon. All modules, functionality and variables that can be used seamlessly with Batch Control are thus also available for the Smart Checklist:

  • Existing user administration and Active Directory
  • Audit trail and alarms (CEL & AML)
  • Message Control
  • Historian and reporting
  • Communication with ERP systems

Fast Facts

  • High usability due to simple operation and graphical user interface
  • ISA-88 compliant
  • Digital documentation of checking processes
  • Fully integrated with zenon
  • Can be used on all mobile devices
  • Language and system can be selected individually
  • Simple creation of protocols and reports as PDFs