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zenon paves the way for just-in-sequence production at Audi Györ (Hungary)

Following on from just-in-time methodologies, the new challenge in the Automation Industry is ‘just-in-sequence’: the right amount, in the right sequence, at the right time, in the right place. In a second stage of project expansion, Audi Hungaria, in cooperation with COPA-DATA, SAP AG and Prozesstechnik Kropf GmbH, had to meet this challenge. Bi-directional communication between the process and the business systems will optimize the coordination between the logistics supply chain and delivery to make a perfect chain of events possible.

The Audi factory in Györ started to optimize the 5 km long conveyor system incrementally, using zenon, in 2005. Since then, zenon has enabled visualization of all status and user operation at a central location. Processes can be traced by recording important data such as palette number, engine number (serial number), engine type and storage movement (the loading point and discharge side) which gives a better overview of the entire plant. The idea of creating a bridge between the SAP ERP system and the process control system was considered right from the beginning of the project. The particular advantage of this would be a smooth exchange of data and, thus, optimum coordination of transport management. However, the system in use before zenon did not cover these requirements satisfactorily. Because zenon was already successfully in use at Audi in Germany, and because it met all Audi’s system requirements, the Project Managers in Györ also decided to use the COPA-DATA software.