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National Hacking Champions

The Cyber Security Austria Association and the counter-intelligence unit of the Austrian Armed Forces are on the search for the best young hackers in the country. We support their initiative by sponsoring a competition designed to answer the dynamic developments in cybercrime.

At the finals of the Austria Cyber Security Challenge on October 1-3, the Austrian National Hacking Champions were crowned. The idea behind the competition, held this year for the eighth time, was to identify and promote young talent at an early age and open career opportunities that reflect their abilities. The winners will represent Austria at the finals of the European Cyber Security Challenge held in Vienna in 2020.In 2019  the European title was awarded to the host country Romania over Italy and Austria over.


At permanent risk


Government institutions and private companies have been attractive targets for cyber criminals for many years. Thanks to increasing digitalization, more critical organizational processes are being integrated in networks. This increases the risk of becoming a hacking victim, as well as the potential scope and financial impact for affected organizations.

In order to respond as effectively as possible to these different threats, we work closely with the Cyber Security Austria association and currently support its Austria Cyber Security Challenge.



A shared challenge


For Reinhard Mayr, Head of Information Security and Research Operations at COPA-DATA, security does not stop at one’s own door. "We can only effectively protect ourselves against cyber attacks by networking and working together across organizations," he says. COPA-DATA therefore works intensively to exchange experience and information with government organizations and experts in the fields of science and research. "The Austria Cyber Security Challenge is a good opportunity to get inspired by fresh ideas and creative approaches from the next generation of security experts," states Reinhard Mayr.


Security is everyone’s concern


Joe Pichlmayr, a board member at Cyber Security Austria, is focused on raising awareness around security through the competition: "The Cyber Security Challenge not only serves as an opportunity for our young experts – it also serves to raise awareness across broad sections of society, because security is everyone’s concern.”

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Read the Interview with Reinhard Mayr about the annual security audit at COPA-DATA in accordance with the IEC 62443-4-1 standard.


Austria Cyber Security Challenge: www.verbotengut.at

European Cyber Security Challenge: www.ecsc.eu