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The drinktec booth for Sustainability Makers

COPA-DATA will be presenting its zenon Software Platform at drinktec 2022 in Munich from September 12 to 16. In hall A3, booth 424, the specialist for industrial software will demonstrate how companies can innovatively shape the digital transformation process towards sustainable production.

Do you have the same impression? Everything is going green... Green production, green energy, green investment... But it's clear: It's not about what it's called, it's about an urgent focus on what we are doing in the great fight against climate change – a fight which is already underway. Understanding what can be done requires transparency. Only those who understand what they are doing now can make the positive change required. And the will for sustainable change in the food and beverage industry is clearly evident. 

Sustainability only with transparency


Today's and tomorrow's customers, as well as new laws and regulations, increasingly demand transparent production conditions. However, process transparency around environmental impact in existing (however well-functioning) production facilities is not easy to achieve. 
How can sustainability transparency be implemented? Innovation and digitalization will play a vital role in the transformation process – and you can see how during several demos and application examples from COPA-DATA at its drinktec booth in Hall A3, Booth 424.
Many companies in the food and beverage industry face the challenge of making their production more sustainable. In the brewery sector in particular, advertising has always focused on clear water and natural ingredients from a thriving natural environment. 
However, especially in times of rising energy prices, sustainability is not just a marketing tool. Many companies are considering how they can transform from energy consumers to energy producers. Existing company locations are to be used for PV plants and integrated as efficiently as possible into an overall system. 
Thanks to COPA-DATA’s experience in the industrial and energy sectors, with zenon you have a software platform at your disposal that enables you to produce beverages efficiently on the one hand and to have your own energy management clearly under control on the other. 


Digitalization for sustainable innovation


Both plant machinery manufacturers (OEMs) and beverage producers will find new inspiration for innovative solutions at the COPA-DATA booth. 
“Most of our customers are already on their very individual journey to a sustainable business. Digitalization is a real accelerator and enabler in this process, while at the same time driving necessary innovation,” says Emilian Axinia, Industry Manager Food & Beverage at COPA-DATA, about his team's approach at drinktec 2022. “We are developing new solutions every day to meet these challenges in a commercially attractive way, both for OEMs and for beverage manufacturers. So please stop by.”


News for equipment manufacturers (OEMs)


zenon can undoubtedly be described as premium HMI software. Numerous leading machine and plant manufacturers already rely on zenon for control and visualization. Nevertheless, the extensive scope of the platform is constantly being expanded. At drinktec, the team of experts from COPA-DATA will be sharing new approaches and demos in the field of process automation. This includes a new PackML HMI template, which makes the OMAC standard easy to implement at a machine level.

zenon would not be an IIoT platform if there were not also news about integration into larger architectures with connectivity extensions. Manufacturing plants are increasingly reflecting OT-IT convergence. Modularization according to ISA 88 has been available in zenon for some time with extensive Batch Control. It is now taking on a new dimension. 
Plant engineers can look forward to a groundbreaking engineering approach using Module Type Package (MTP). The zenon MTP Suite is already being used very successfully in the process industry at the global technology company Merck. As a result, the food and beverage industry can benefit from stronger interoperability between plant components as well as more flexibility in plant design.


A boost for beverage producers


Beverage producers are facing major challenges – and not just around sustainability. Flexibility to produce increasing numbers of product variants is important. Quality control must remain a permanently high priority. And the highly competitive market regularly demands innovation. 
This is where a software platform such as zenon comes in. zenon can be easily implemented in existing machine and system landscapes. Under the motto “One Platform – many solutions”, the COPA-DATA team will be demonstrating the many ways in which beverage producers can plan and implement their diverse priorities. This includes software solutions for control and automation from the complex machine level through to the process level and digital integration projects on a global group level. Even for energy generation through renewables, zenon offers numerous solutions. Everything is scalable – so zenon is useful for everyone from craft brewers to global groups. 



Emilian Axinia and team will gladly show you new ways for more transparency and interdisciplinarity with zenon. You will see how the software platform helps to facilitate complex change processes and makes them more transparent and more agile. If you count yourself among the group of "Sustainability Makers" in your company and you are open to new ideas, you are warmly invited to visit COPA-DATA at drinktec in hall A3, booth 424.


Your free ticket


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If you simply can’t wait to see what customer projects in the area of sustainability, innovation or digitalization can look like with zenon, simply follow the links to the corresponding blog articles by our F&B Industry Manager Emilian Axinia.