The Secure Route to the Smart Factory

Networked machines, IIoT, Smart Factory – these all sound like new opportunities for clear advantages over the competition. But what about smart factory cyber security? Do new technologies and outward communication directly from production pose new risks? With zenon, there is no reason to forgo the advantages of smart technologies, because zenon can help enormously in ensuring networked systems are secure.


  • Easy configuration of user authentication
  • Protection of critical operating tasks
  • Integration of automation with Active Directory user administration on the company IT network
  • Out-of-the-box  smart factory security in networked structures


In order to ensure security in a production facility, many aspects must be taken into account, including the machines. Because of their growing communication capabilities, smart factory security precautions must also be taken on the machines.


Ready for networked structures

The increasing networking within production facilities demands effective security measures. Data theft and tampering with production data or processes have become real risks. Software used in the field of production today must be integrated seamlessly with the general security systems.


zenon has many features relating to  smart factory cyber security – leveraging COPA-DATA's expertise in protecting facilities and machines against attacks. zenon is there to provide you with the best support for protecting machines against tampering and unauthorized access. You will then be better placed to integrate your machines with the networked structures of a digitized factory.



Out-of-the-box smart factory security features

zenon relies on security by design and provides many out-of-the-box security features. Even the development of zenon itself was carried out in accordance with security standard IEC 62443 for "Industrial communication networks. Network and system security".


As a result, many components, such as digitally signing files or strong encryption over the network, are already used as standard in zenon. Safety features can be configured with ease, e.g. the user authentication which enables integration with Microsoft Active Directory. Automation-level user administration can therefore be integrated with the company's existing IT user administration services without any issues.


zenon enables the easy implementation of secure communication between machines, but also with higher-level applications which require communication with infrastructure outside the machine level. It is therefore possible to realize modern and secure line management or energy data management without any problems.