How about making ISO 50001 compliance easy?

Implementing an ISO 50001 Energy Management System in regulated environments

Goal of the ISO 50001 standard is optimizing your energy consumption.

Part of an ISO 50001 implementation is installing an Energy Management System which is a prerequisite for saving resource costs and staying competitive.
However, many companies in pharmaceutical and other life-science industries are held back by strict regulations when they want to change their production or processes.
Here, zenon comes into play: zenon connects to already installed equipment and systems without making changes to the 3rd party system – and without affecting their qualification or validation status.

ISO 50001 in Pharma

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ISO 50001 in Pharma

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Stay focused – with detailed Energy reviews and Energy Performance Indicators

The basis of the ISO 50001 standard is the continual improvement process. This process is described by the means of the Plan-Do-Check-Act model. But if your Energy Management System should be improved continuously, it’s crucial to stay focused and collect and analyse significant energy data. Here, zenon helps by an accurate Energy review and the flexible assessment of Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI’s).

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