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Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences becomes COPA-DATA Qualified Partner

COPA-DATA has bestowed its second-highest partner level on the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. The partnership spans an extensive range of activities and the change in partner status reflects the increase in the number of zenon-certified experts and the close collaboration on the Digital Factory project.

A model partnership


“Given the level of dedication that Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences demonstrates as an institution, we are delighted that we can now count it among our COPA-DATA Partner Community members as a Qualified Partner. The activities we have engaged in over the past 12 months are a model example of partnership in a research setting,” said Reinhard Mayr, Head of Information Security & Research Operations at COPA-DATA, as he reflected on the close-knit collaboration with the university. Professor (FH) DI Dr. Robert Merz, Head of the Digital Factory Vorarlberg research center, added: “The professionalism and outstanding cooperation shown by the employees involved in the partnership have made it so special. It’s a relationship in which we are genuine equals, in both the expertise that we bring to the table and how we interact personally. So we are delighted and proud to have become a COPA-DATA Qualified Partner.”


With an international network consisting of 119 partner universities, Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences is one of the most advanced institutions of its kind. It prides itself on the close support it gives to students and the high-quality equipment it provides for practical work in its teaching and research laboratories.


Reinhard Mayr and Johannes Petrowisch from COPA-DATA present the Qualified Partner certificate to Karl-Heinz Weidmann and Robert Merz from Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (pictured from left to right).



Driving digitalization


Slowly but surely, digitalization is making inroads in the manufacturing industry. To ensure that the zenon Software Platform continues to accommodate the requirements of networked production, COPA-DATA works closely with educational institutions and research facilities such as the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. A partner in the university’s future-focused Digital Factory Vorarlberg project from the very start, COPA-DATA is supporting the project with funding to the tune of 140,000 Euros. 


The aim of the project is to leverage opportunities provided by modern big data processing to create durable models for automated production across locations. Technical, organizational, and financial aspects all play a role in this. The project was given the green light in November 2018, and the focus of the research factory is expanding all the time.


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