Central Project Engineering Environment

Once zenon has been used to implement machine operation, users consider line management and reporting to be a natural extension to their systems. But they still wonder “Do I need an additional tool for this?” or “Will reporting work on my smartphone?”


  • Flexibility for every project stage and every project size
  • Future-proof: growing projects can be expanded
  • Efficiency thanks to consistent project engineering
  • Less time and effort spent on training and faster development of expertise


Central Project Engineering zenon

The zenon Engineering Studio is the central engineering environment in the software system and enables all applications to be created, edited, maintained, and shared.



zenon Engineering Studio: Start small and aim for targeted growth

The zenon system only requires one Engineering Studio to carry out all engineering tasks. This Engineering Studio can also be used to implement an extremely wide range of project requirements – no matter how large or small the project is or whether it is intended to work on mobile devices or web applications. Projects remain scalable and can evolve along with the requirements of the customer. You only need a single central engineering environment in order to create, edit, share, and maintain a whole host of different applications.


This also means a better overview, faster familiarization, a high level of compatibility, and less time and effort spent on training. What's more, you will be able to respond extremely quickly to new project requirements and continue to develop your expertise.



An engineering tool with countless possibilities

The zenon Engineering Studio offers a complete engineering tool for all product categories and approaches to solutions. Its consistent object orientation makes it incredibly simple to use and maintain variables universally for all application cases, for instance. No matter whether the task involves control programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3, energy distribution in redundant networks, HTML5 web applications, or sophisticated energy data management – everything can be managed conveniently and reliably with the zenon Engineering Studio.