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HTML5 technology with zenon

Mobile and secure access to important production information

With the HTML5 technology in zenon, you enhance the possibilities for mobile access to important process data and information. The user enjoys the familiar browser environment, whilst the creator of visualization projects benefits from proven zenon technology.

HTML5 technology with zenon

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HTML5 technology with zenon

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Browser-independent mobile access to process information

For the user, visualization with HTML5 offers a simple display of important information in a familiar web environment. Important key figures or process information can easily be called up, on a smartphone or tablet for example.


HTML5 visualization is integrated into zenon. It is an addition to your comprehensive SCADA application, with functionalities that make dashboards, KPIs etc. easily accessible. HTML5 screens expand the portfolio of possible access possibilities to the most important production information. The HTML5 solution in zenon is browser independent. All browsers that support HTML5 can be used. The user does not need to worry about any browser updates or connection bottlenecks.

Configuration of HTML5 visualizations and process overviews

Dynamic HTML5 content can be generated directly from a zenon project. The screens that are to be available in the web are easily selected. This is how informative dashboards and process overviews are created in no time at all. No installation or configuration is necessary on the end device, i.e. on the client.


The HTML web engine in zenon is part of the zenon web server functionality. There is thus no additional software required for the visualization design; the familiar functions and tools in the zenon Editor are used. The native zenon technology reliably portrays the production process. Configuration and operation of your machines and equipment is based on proven zenon technology, while you benefit from using a lightweight HTML5 application for simple visualization access.


The whole range of visualization access can be used flexibly: native zenon client, native zenon web client, zenon Terminal Server, Everywhere Server by zenon.

Security of HTML projects

The HTML web engine supports secure authentication of a web engine client by means of the entry of user name and password. The zenon user authentication and integrated Active Directory technology ensure secured user access and protect against unauthorized access to the data. User levels that only issue certain information to targeted user groups can be defined and user rights can be issued at element level. Network communication is via HTTPS, based on SSL certificates.

Fast Facts

  • Display of dashboards and important key figures in the browser
  • Addition of your mobile zenon applications
  • Project configuration in the zenon Editor, no further software necessary
  • Proven zenon technology as a basis of production processes
  • User authentication and current security standards