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07/04/22 · Learn more about the upcoming webinar about the new zenon MTP Suite for Life Sciences and process industry. Register for free in two timeslots on May 3, 2022.

23/03/22 · All you need to know about modular production and how the manufacturer-independent standard, Module Type Package (MTP), is revolutionizing industries. 

21/03/22 · Read this new blog series by Emilia Axinia including customer videos about the transformation challenges in the F&B industry. Start the series here.

17/03/22 · What does the future substation look like? Stefan Hufnagl explains why standardizing communication is essential for the future of the energy grid.

17/02/22 · COPA-DATA closes the year 2021 with a revenue increase of 18.5 per cent. The company surpassed its record result from 54 million euros in 2020 to global group sales worth 64 million euros.

10/02/22 · Salzburg-based software manufacturer COPA-DATA is benefiting from the sustained trend toward digitalization. The company’s corporate growth continues to soar globally, including in Central and Eastern Europe, with a particularly high growth rate in A

04/02/22 · Stefan Hufnagl, COPA-DATA's Energy Industry Specialist, explores why the IEC 61850 standard is so important, and how substation operations can sustainably benefit.