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We’re convinced that the perfect software makes a difference in modern industrial automation. We know how important reliability and robustness are for our software products. It’s not just about a pretty App with an entertaining UX. Good automation does require strong usability and an appealing user interface, of course, but it’s stability, functionality and security that actually win the day.


This can only be made possible with a strong, international network of top-notch team players who are technically minded and can pay attention to detail – right across the board, whether it be development or support, consulting, sales and marketing, or IT and administration. We’d like to continue doing this with your help and, in return, we’ll actively accompany you along your career path.


Get in contact with us if you’d enjoy some of the exciting challenges mentioned below or if we can help launch your career in any other way.

  • Internships: For many pupils and students, this starts off as a bothersome must-do task. But don’t let that obscure its value: often practical experience is the only way to really learn something. You’ll become an important part of our team during your time with us. We’ll give you a lot of freedom to make your own experiences. Additionally, you’ll be assigned to a buddy on whom you can trust and rely. Internships are possible in all parts of the company and you’ll receive fair compensation for your work.
  • Trainees: The right place of learning should not only further you but challenge you. Our experience shows that you’ll profit from having a clear point of contact from whom you enjoy learning, coordinated work schedules that correspond to your course timetables and exams, and projects that you are able to carry forward on your own.

    Depending on your location of choice, we can offer you short-term contracts abroad at one of our international subsidiaries so you can get to know the world a bit better. Internal training and project weeks covering various COPA-DATA areas and topics are the icing on the cake in our internal training program.
  • Degree students: Whether you’re at the beginning, middle or already at the end of your studies, you can enhance our team! As a working student or during an internship you can take part in exciting projects and utilize your experience with us as part of the framework of your degree. We’re also happy to help with technical degree dissertations.

    What if you have just completed your degree and are now looking for a permanent position in the perfect team? We’d love to find out what you’re looking for and what skills you have to offer. We’re bound to be able to find the right challenge to fit you; one where you have the space to learn and climb the career ladder.


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It doesn’t matter at which crossroads in your life you might be – if you think our challenges are just as fascinating as we do and you’d like to get to know our team, then get in touch! Challenge perfection with us!

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