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19/06/2023 · COPA-DATA has launched a ground-breaking Module Type Package (MTP) Suite as part of the zenon software platform. The zenon MTP Suite is the first of its kind successfully implemented in a real-life plant.

05/06/2023 · COPA-DATA's biennial customer and partner event, zenonIZE, is back on stage, with a lot of news about the zenon software platform and exciting presentations on industrial automation, smart factories, modular production, and sustainability.

09/05/2023 · LINX Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand will be the official and only distributor for the zenon Software Platform in the Southeast Asia region.

03/05/2023 · Ne manquez pas notre webinaire exclusif sur le thème Plug and Produce, qui aura lieu le 27 juin 2023 à 11h00. Nous partagerons notre expérience et nos connaissances sur les dernières tendances et les meilleures pratiques de l'industrie pharmaceutique

26/04/2023 · In a substation, an HMI provides full visibility and control of all processes. Jürgen Resch explores how HMIs can save time and reduce effort for a more efficient and more connected substation.

21/03/2023 · ControlTech Engineering AG (CTE) is the first company from Switzerland to reach the highest level of the COPA-DATA Partner Community.

01/03/2023 · COPA-DATA closed 2022 with a year-on-year revenue increase of 8.4 percent. Revenue drivers include transformation towards sustainable production and ever-advancing digitalization.