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COPA-DATA at 2019 Smart Utility Summit: Advanced SCADA for North American Utilities

Stop by our booth or schedule a meeting with our experts to learn our latest version zenon 8.10 and how the software platform can help utilities achieve project goals in electrical power management.


COPA-DATA representatives will speak in several boardroom conferences throughout the 2019 Smart Utility Summit to address the needs of professionals working within public and private electric utilities. The presentations will demonstrate key modules and features of the zenon Energy Edition:


  • Engineering in the zenon Editor
  • Visualization and operating
  • Controlling and monitoring
  • Analyzing and evaluating (reporting, benchmarking)
  • Networking and communicating (drivers, protocols, gateways, apps, cloud solutions, Industrial IoT solutions)


October 27th – 29th, 2019



Arizona Grand Resort

Phoenix, AZ






Established in 2018, the Smart Utility Summit is the combination of the Municipal Smart Grid Summit for electric public power utilities and the Rural Smart Grid Summit for electric cooperatives with the addition of electric investor owned utilities. The summit brings the utilities together and introduces technology and services for updating the North American Electric Utility Infrastructure.


COPA-DATA is the developer of zenon, a complete software platform designed for the automation and control of power generation, transmission, and distribution. Applications of zenon in the energy industry include and are not limited to substation automation, distribution management, energy storage, renewable energy management, and public transportation. The zenon Software Platform is used in over 30,000 energy projects worldwide to operate, monitor, and optimize the processes.


For more information on zenon and the summit, please contact us at  or +1.609.385.0830.