zenon as an HMI for production-level operation in the Automotive Industry

A consistent software system for various applications

In automotive manufacturing, there are often different information systems and visualization systems used. Different planning departments, equipment suppliers or historically-grown structures are just some examples of how there can be heterogeneous production landscapes. As a result, data, such as for alarm administration, reporting, etc. is frequently recorded and archived several times. To minimize this duplicated work, it is often beneficial to use a consistent and platform-independent system.

zenon offers consistent solutions for various applications: as an integrated PLC system with an IEC 61131-3 programming environment, user-friendly and ergonomic machine and equipment operation, visualization and control of complex equipment, as well as platform-independent reporting.

zenon as HMI

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zenon as HMI

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zenon as an HMI (human-machine interface)

zenon is independent of the hardware used. Heterogeneous production landscapes, which have grown historically, do not constitute a major challenge and zenon allows maximum freedom in the selection of hardware.

zenon ensures, as an HMI application, operation that is highly user-friendly and ergonomic. In the project creation phase, the development tool zenon Editor is already characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness. zenon Editor supports the person creating the project as well as possible in creating ergonomic user interfaces with a consistent design.

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