À la Carte Reporting

The specifications are clear: energy consumption data from recent months needs to be compared in relation to production data. Energy costs for a specific batch need to be checked. And then the reports need to be sent automatically straight to the energy manager as a PDF in an e-mail. What’s more, you want to be able to access real-time consumption data straight from your smartphone. Let’s have a look …


  • Out-of-the-box configurable templates
  • Universal data archiving over all levels
  • Historical reports and real-time dashboards
  • Simple distribution of information in an array of formats


À la Carte Reporting  with zenon

zenon offers flexible and powerful opportunities for reporting and business intelligence (BI).



From simple figures to complex trends

zenon offers a wide assortment of reporting options: from simple KPIs through dashboards all the way to complex calculations using comparisons with historical data. It can do all of this without needing any additional software. Because zenon is designed to be a universal system, you can use valid data straight from production across any level. For instance, zenon Batch Control allows you to incorporate data from batch production into your production reports in real time and at just the touch of a button.



Reporting the way you want it

For reports used for documentation, evaluation, or chart-based or table-based presentation of process data, zenon allows you to use both live data and data from the archive. You can also integrate your reports directly into your zenon project, a process which is made even easier by the default templates provided for common reports. These templates are available out-of-the-box and are really easy to use. And if you require full data archiving, zenon can offer seamless redundancy.


No matter how many reports you need or how complex they are, zenon makes sure all data is available universally. As a result, you can avoid repeat work and repeat archiving, reducing potential sources of error and cutting costs.