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zenon Webserver & Terminal Server

Ergonomics in the zenon network [4/4]

zenon has comprehensive network functions integrated into it. These can be switched on by activating a few properties. Existing projects can be used without any changes in the network (including in the WWW). This guarantees that it can be used worldwide with no additional configuration work.

Use in the network

Within a network, zenon transfers data spontaneously as standard – and is thus already optimized for resource-efficient use. The watchdog traffic between client and server can also be optionally restricted. The communication distance between client and server can be automatically closed.


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Web server

zenon Webserver brings projects to the internet and intranets in their exact form. zenon projects are suitable for web client use in their native form. They can therefore also be subsequently used as web projects – without adaptations to the project being necessary. All screens, users, password administration, information, etc. are available online. The web client has the same look & feel and the same functionality as that of zenon Runtime. If a project changes (e.g. a new screen), the project is synchronized online on the web client. That means that all participants worldwide are up to date at all times. zenon Webserver
comes in two versions: as zenon Webserver with just observation functionality and as zenon Webserver Pro with complete operation and monitoring functionality.

Fast Facts

  • zenon is optimized for networks and WWW
  • Projects are network-compatible without adaptation
  • The possibility of spontaneous data transfer saves resources
  • Network and network devices can be monitored with zenon
  • Simple and quick setup of all network functionalities

Terminal server solution

A zenon client can also be used on a terminal server. With the terminal solution, it is possible to simultaneously start and operate the client from multiple thin clients. Thereby multiple levels can be started on a terminal server. The client always logs in to the zenon server with its computer name. Therefore all entries are correctly recorded in the Chronological Event List (CEL/audit trail) and can be clearly assigned by user or computer name. All functions, such as online project update, terminal server redundancy or multiple project administration are also available via the terminal server.