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Project creation - quickly, intuitively and efficiently

Ergonomics in engineering [2/5]

Ergonomic engineering with zenon also means that complex functionalities are available "out of the box". Without programming, just by setting parameters, you can create complex applications per mouse click. The central, object-oriented approach in zenon and the diverse possibilities to automate tasks, make you even quicker in project generation.

Efficient Engineering

zenon supports quick, intuitive and efficient engineering. At the core is the principle, "set parameters instead of programming". That means - complex demands can also be configured easily per mouse click - without having to write a line of code.

Project Creation

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Project Creation

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Network technology - out of the box

All zenon network functions are parameterized by mouse click. Thus, even complex infrastructures can be quickly created and stabile operations are guaranteed.

  • Interruption-free redundancy at the click of a mouse
  • Rated redundancy
  • Circular redundancy in the network
  • 128 bit encryption and client authentication in the network (AES-192)
  • IPv6 support in the core system
  • Remote administration for remote project configuration and remote maintenance
  • Automatic distribution of project changes in the network


The zenon Philosophy (Internationalization)

Configure projects centrally

Many properties and attributes can be defined in zenon at a central point and are then available everywhere in the project. For example fonts, frames, data type, limits and much more.

Configure projects automatically

For automatic project configuration, the zenon Editor has a comprehensive programming interface. This means that repeated tasks, in particular, can be completed very rapidly. The development environment integrated into zenon is helpful when creating scripts. In addition to saving time, this solution has another particularly important advantage: protection against error. A script that is free of error provides results that are free of error. These scripts can then be used at anytime – and in all projects. An application example is the automatic creation of variable lists.

Fast Facts

  • Time-saving project configuration by means of an intuitive graphical user interface
  • A system with layers of visualization for a clear overview, even in complex equipment screens
  • Strong object-orientation
  • Individual templates for process images
  • Freely changeable assistants to support for repeated tasks and for the creation of new projects.

Object-oriented engineering

Object-orientation, global projects and sophisticated import and export interfaces allow the efficient re-use of individual elements and complete projects. Projects and parts of projects can be easily and safely distributed via the XML interface. When exporting screens as XML files, all variables, drivers, elements, templates etc. are also exported. This data can be selectively or fully imported into another project.