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Multiple project administration and "horizontal transparency"

Ergonomics in the zenon network [2/4]

Complex production requires solutions with a clear overview. This also applies in the SCADA field. Multiple project administration from zenon also makes it possible for you to execute a number of projects in one zenon Runtime. You can, for example, bring information from distributed facilities to a central control room. This increases transparency and provides a better overview. This is how ergonomic monitoring of facilities works.

Multi Project Administration

Fact Sheet

Multi Project Administration

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Perfect networking: multiple-project administration

zenon multiple-project administration goes beyond the classic client-server structure. Instead of a centralized solution, it follows the principle of decentralization. A large project can therefore be implemented as a package of many smaller distributed projects, which simplifies both further development and maintenance. In zenon, the server and client are not defined in relation to a computer, but in relation to a project. This way, multiple-project administration can be started for several visualization projects at the same time in on one PC. A PC can be server for one project and can at the same time be client for another project. A single PC can even be multi-server (server for several projects) and multi-client (client for several projects) simultaneously. COPA-DATA is the only SCADA supplier that offers this technology.

Fast Facts

  • Intelligence where it is needed
  • Small, easily-manageable structures
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Can be combined in large control centers

Multiple-project administration means a better overview

Simple, quick and clear maintenance of individual projects. It is possible, for example, to deactivate individual projects without influencing the others. In the same way projects can be distributed to different processors.

  • Sophisticated load distribution
  • Positioning of "intelligence" exactly where it is needed.
  • The control room centralizes all projects on one PC and gives an overview of the entire system.
  • Cross-project operation, as all projects on a processor are active at the same time.
  • Multiple-hierarchy network structure allows the centralization of data (measured values, alarms, plant information, archive data, etc.) at a higher-ranking level.
  • No limit on the number of projects per processor

Horizontal transparency

Multiple project administration makes “Horizontal Transparency” possible. That means that all projects that are located on one and the same level, can be transferred/ switched to a processor. For example: Five terminals belong to one machine. Each has its own visualization project. With the help of “Horizontal Transparency” it is possible to show and operate on each terminal its own project and that of the neighboring terminals. This way the entire machine can be monitored and operated from each terminal.