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Imtech Belgium joins the COPA-DATA Partner Community

Imtech Belgium, an expert in industrial services for production and process automation, has been awarded Registered Partner status by COPA-DATA.

Imtech Belgium systems for building management and many different industry sectors are being designed, installed and maintained. The company’s new Registered Partner status signifies a strong cooperation between Imtech Belgium, SigmaControl and COPA-DATA in the extensive deployment of zenon’s capabilities and driver compatibility.



Expertise in industrial services is one of the leading competences of Imtech Belgium for production and process automation, industrial electricity and instrumentation for industry. Imtech Belgium SCADA software engineer Ronny Butzen is very proud to be joining the COPA-DATA Partner Community: “With our team of 750 enthusiastic professionals, our clear goal is to optimize our clients’ satisfaction in successful realized projects and direct return on investment. With COPA-DATA’s software system zenon we are able to realize complex technical projects with a strong focus on automation from engineering to realization, and full service afterwards.”


Until 2015, Imtech Belgium was part of the international Royal Imtech group, headquartered in the Netherlands. After separating from the Dutch group, it was acquired by the Cordeel family in Belgium and today acts as an autonomous independent entity. Jef Rymen, Business United Director at Imtech Belgium, states: “Multi-technical work requires us to have a full command of all necessary techniques. For our organization that means being able to work together in many different ways; especially the way that best suits a project.”


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