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COPA-DATA launches the zenon Academy

After the existing learning portal reached the limits of user and access numbers, COPA-DATA set up a completely new system. The new zenon Academy meets all the modern requirements and allows users easy access to all the learning content.

The zenon Academy offers numerous improvements compared to the previous Learning Management System. For example, users can access any online course, download their zenon certificates and book face-to-face training sessions from anywhere at any time. They decide what they want to learn, when and where. The zenon Academy is the central hub for all the zenon knowledge.


With each new version of zenon, there are also update videos detailing the new highlights. Users can easily switch between courses and specific in-depth videos and modules. Some courses even offer project backups for each chapter to make learning extremely flexible.


What courses does the zenon Academy offer?

There are basic courses for newcomers to zenon and advanced, in-depth courses for zenon veterans. There is also industry-specific content. The number of modular courses is growing all the time.


Check out our new zenon Basic Training - Energy, which is only available in the zenon Academy. Here you can learn how to create variables, process commands and a lot more.

Find out what's new in the latest zenon version by checking out the highlights of zenon 11.


New registration is required

The switch to the zenon Academy means that users need to register once. This affects both new and old users. After that, you can access all COPA-DATA services with just one login.


"This step is necessary because we wanted to offer our users a central access point", said Education Services Manager Helene Thurnhofer. "This also allowed us to implement all the new and cool features, such as the simplified certification system."


Do you still have questions? Or are you just interested?

Then visit our zenon Academy. There, you'll find more information and a FAQ section.